Conversion Kit to LED headlights H8 for car and moto of the brand ZesfOr®. Ideal for install in your vehicle if you want to improve the visibility by up to 80% without harming the headlights of your car or dazzle to other drivers. This kit led h8 lights completely white: not tiring to the eye and increases safety on the road.

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Kit conversion led headlights H8

Kit LED H8 of the prestigious brand ZesfOr®. Includes everything you need: 2 LED bulbs for direct installation in the headlights of your car. It is advisable to use if we want to improve the visibility of our car. Avoiding accidents and not get tired of the view.

How do I install it in my car kit led? Easy, fast, and simple. Just have to open the hood, remove the caps from the headlights, pull out our light bulb halogen yellow original and install the new. The original light bulb should go tethered with a wire to be able to put the led new.

In what areas of my car can I install it? We can install this kit in light of road, or long, light crossover or light of short, lights antinieblas or bulbs of rotation h8 of any car or motorcycle.

My car drives canbus and not if I used this kit:led canbus means that when we remove or melt a light bulb for our car, we will alert you via a light on the box. If our car does this, it will be necessary to install a canceller of failure (in this same category, you can find them). This is due to that the led light h8 consumes less energy than a normal bulb so that the car can detect that this cast and tell us about it.

Features of the bulbs h8 led for car ZesfOr®:
- 3000 lumens per led bulb.
- Duration: +80,000 hours.
- Working temperature: -20º to +45º
- Voltage: 8V-16V (Only valid for cars and motorbikes)
- Electro-fan: 12V (to dissipate heat in extreme circumstances)

Why choose a products of led car lights brand ZesfOr®? This brand is a benchmark of quality in terms of lighting accessories for car, motorbike and truck. The brand ensures an unlimited duration of the led bulbs and optimum performance in any circumstances. In addition, its design allows an easy installation and perfect functioning over time. On the other hand, our company gives you a warranty directly with us so you won't have to worry about anything.

Specialists in lamps h8 led. Any questions you may have, contact us.

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