Wireless charger BMW X6 F16 (2015-2018)

Wireless charger BMW X6 F16 specific to this model car: same size and shape so that it is fully integrated. Compatible with all phones that have wireless charging. It charge your mobile without wires!

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Wireless charger mobile for BMW X6 F16

Wireless charger for BMW X6 F16 with the same size and shape as your car. Ideal for charging the mobile phone automatically while you are driving. Necessary installation, watch video.

Each vehicle will have a type of different charger, depending on whether they can adapt to the ashtray or in any other place. Keep in mind that for it to work we will have to have a mobile compatible with wireless charging, that is to say, an Iphone or a Samsung of the new.

To install the wireless charger BMW X6 F16 simply disassemble the cigarette lighter of the car and connect the charger under the same with the adapters that leads specific to each car. Once this is done we will just have to put the charger in the specific area of the car so that it is fully integrated.

Recommendations for installation and use:

-Always catch the current of the burner.

-In some cases we will lose the connection to the cigarette lighter, but it comes out by the glove box.

-Charging semi-quick. Do not load as fast with a charger from home, but it is quite fast.

-It is prohibited completely to use it with magnets on the back of the mobile. This will cause rupture of the device of wireless charger BMW X6 F16 and will void the warranty.

-Carries a built-in mat anti-slip that we will be able to remove or leave it if you already have a cover of the mobile phone that does not slide.

-The wireless charger BMW X6 F16 recommend you to install it in any workshop. The average time for installation varies between 15 min and 1 hour (it is not difficult but you must disassemble the cigarette lighter to connect it)

Recommended product for its functionality and ease of use.

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