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Vinyl for cars high quality of the brand WrapWorkers®. We have all models of vinyl for cars of high-quality, long-lasting and with the best adhesive. Our team of engineers has designed this product to install on any surface of plastic or metal, without damaging it. All of our decals for cars are quality products top vinyl, that is to say, they consist of technology High Mach and Air Drain.

High Mach®: get a maximum adhesion without damaging the surface or paint. Thanks to this technology we will be able to check out the vinyl for cars without leaving any residue and maintaining the properties and color of the original surface

Air Drain®: this advanced system allows you to remove all the bubbles of air that we are when you're installing the vinyl for cars. To do this, just have to apply heat to the affected area and spend our spatula. In 1 minute the air is filtered and will disappear without leaving wrinkles in the vinyl.

Families of stickers for car:

  • Vinyl carbon: one of the most famous vinyl car because of its resemblance to the carbon fiber. Ideal for interior, exterior, trim, etc, Available in various colors, shading and highlights.
  • Vinyl Sticker Boom hellaflush: vinyl which are characterized by having many stickers pasted irregular shape. Available in versions gloss and matte.
  • Vinyl colors for car: from the metallic blue to black gloss here you will find all the range of colors of the brand WrapWorkers Series.
  • Vinyl brushed: imitating the famous trim, bmw, these vinyl car characterized by fibers of lines of different colors: aluminum, titanium, black, etc
  • Vinyl chrome car: vinyl color chrome. Ideal to call the attention! Available several versions, chrome plated and traditional black chrome
  • Stickers for car: we all love the famous stickers the circuit of the Jarama or Nurburing. Find here the most you like.

vinilos para cochespegatinas para cochesvinilos para coches

In Audioledcar you will be able to find all the vinyls car but sold: topvinilo. From the most basic brushed aluminum or carbon simple to the novel sticker boom or carbon 5D high gloss. If you prefer vinyl liquid, you consent to our section and you'll find all the colors and models.

The average duration of the vinyl car is approximately 4 years and withstand all kinds of weather conditions: snow, rain, heat, sun, and cold.

Our vinyls for cars of the brand WrapWorkers® are designed both to the interior and to the exterior of the car, is also a product that can be used for other purposes, like giving a new image to our desktop or to the appliances of the house.

This product provides a long-lasting, thanks to its good quality. It is designed to be installed on any surface of plastic or metal, and with the security of not to damage the surface.

We have an extensive catalog of vinyl for cars of the brand WrapWorkers® and all of them are compose of technology High Mach and Air Drain.

With the technology High Mach is what you get maximum grip on the surface or paint without damage, because thanks to this technology we can remove the vinyls of our vehicles without a trace of waste and preserving the original properties of the area worked.

With respect to the system Air Drain, is the one that allows us to remove all the bubbles of air that are created when we installed vinyl on the car. Is achieved by applying heat to the affected area and passing our spatula plus. In a matter of a minute can you get the air filter and disappears, leaving you completely smooth, without wrinkles in the vinyl on the surface.

The most advisable thing is to install the vinyl surfaces are smooth and not rough to ensure their adherence. As we have said previously, the vinyl car is created to be used in the parts of the car as the roof, hood, parts, interior, bumpers and ruffles, but is currently also being used for the decoration of furniture or rooms of the house, even to the office.

The vinyl does not require a professional installation, but we do have to keep in mind the delicacy and the treatment that you need this process. When we work on smooth surfaces, the installation is quite simple and does not have to be a headache, but when it comes to curved surfaces yes that we need to have some practice in advance to get a good finish. With the help of our installation tutorial you can find in our website you will not have problems.

This product has an average duration of life in vehicles of four years and able to withstand cold, heat, rain, sun and snow.

Our catalog of vinyl for cars with a wide range of possibilities to reach out to all kinds of tastes.

We have vinyl carbon, the type of adhesive film most famous for its similarity to the carbon fiber. This vinyl is available in the colours black, white, red, silver, blue, gold, anthracite and yellow. We also have vinyl carbon fiber finishes: gloss and matte, and quality premium.

Another of our vinyl star is the drawings, also called Sticker Bomb and Hellaflush. This design is one of the most popular among the young and is available in gloss and matte.

The vinyl colors are the other options that you can find in our catalog. We have vinyl in black, green, blue, white, red, silver, pink, and yellow, and the vast majority are available in the versions gloss and matte. In addition, there is a wide range of vinyl colors, chrome-plated, perfect for capturing the attention on the asphalt.

We also have vinyl brushed, such as aluminum and titanium, brushed, perfect to decorate your fridge at home that has been losing color over time. Like the vinyl on wood, which can save you from changing all the furniture of the kitchen with a simple sticker.

Finally, in the theme of vinyl for cars, we can not forget the foils in camouflage and effect oxide.

In our catalogue you will also find vinyl for tinting headlights, stickers to decorate the car and all kinds of accessories for the installation of the vinyl.

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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about Audi - A4:

    Son fáciles de instalar los vinilos para coche?

    Answer: Buenos días. No son difíciles de poner ya que son anti-burbujas y moldeables con calor pero hay que ser algo de manitas para ello. En Youtube tienes muchos videos donde podrás ver ejemplos de instalaciones y como hacerlo. Un saludo.

  • Question about BMW X6 - Drive:

    Precio de ponerle vinilo gris mate. Ahora es blanco

    Answer: Buenos días. Audioledcar unicamente se dedica a la venta de producto no realizamos ningun tipo de instalacion. Si le interesa alguna empresa dedicada a vinilar vehiculos, pongase en contacto con nosotros y le decimos talleres Un saludo.

  • Question about Citroen - Ds5:

    Vinilo negro para techo

    Question about Citroen - Ds5:

    Vinilo negro para techo

    Answer: Buenos días. Le adjunto el enlace del producto Un saludo.

  • Question about Ford - Focus :

    Hola e intentado pagar a plazos un vinilo completo pero no me deja ¿por qué es el motivo?

    Answer: Buenos días. ¿Que error le ha dado la plataforma? Un saludo.

  • Question about Mercedes - Clase v:

    Buenas noches,me gustaría saber si me podríais dar precio para ponerle dos vinilos a mi furgoneta que es una clase v negra.quiero ponerle dos estrellas una en cada puerta como las de la foto.estás las compra yo de pegatina para ver cómo quedaban pero me gustaría vinilarla un poco más lo podríais hacer?Que precio,tiempos etc..gracias!

    Answer: Buenos días. Indicarle que Audioledcar no realiza ningun tipo de instalacion. Solo realizamos la venta online del material. Un saludo.

  • Question about BMW - F750GS:

    Buenos dias, la semana pasada he comprado el vinilo Camuflaje Oceano, me esperaba que no hiciera burbujas tal y cual viene descrito, pero lamentablemente las burbujas eran frecuantes y en cuanto se quedaban no habia manera de quitarlas sin remover el vinilo hacia ellas y lugo volver a pegarlas. Mi duda es si ese tipo de vinilo es micro agujerado o no porque a mi me ha parecido sin microagujeros porque otra explicacion no me doy. Daba igual calentar o menos, si fuese sido microagujerado las burbujas en cuanto se generan, se aplastan y se van. Gracias

    Answer: Buenos días. Antes de nada Stefano, necesitamos el numero de referencia del pedido para poder empezar con la incidencia con la mayor brevedad Un saludo.

  • Question about Ford - Galaxy año 2022:

    Que tipo de cubre maletero incluso cuando están los dos asientos agilizamos. Gracias

    Answer: Buenos días. Para ese modelo de vehículo no disponemos, disculpe Un saludo.

  • Question about Ford - Focus 2006:

    Precio negro mate (entero)

    Answer: Buenos días. Adjuntamos el enlace del producto de vinilo Un saludo y buen dia.

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