Vinyl Yellow carbon 25 x 152 cm

Amarillo carbono25 x 152 cm

Vinyl Yellow carbon for car, bike, office, home, metals, and plastics. Easy to install as it is moldable with heat, and has the system Air-free which prevents the formation of bubbles. Recommended product if you want to decorate a piece of a cheap, quick and simple.


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VIDEO Vinyl Yellow carbon 25 x 152 cm See how to install vinyl on your car in an easy, fast and hassle-free way. We remind you that decorating your car may not be an easy task, but at Audioledcar we put all the means to make it look like new. Any questions contact us.
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Vinyl Yellow carbon sticker

Purchase this fantastic vinyl sticker for your car, motorcycle, office, or home, and decorates everything with that you want. The vinyl is simple to put since this product has micro-pores that are invisible to the human eye but ideal to avoid the formation of bubbles. In addition, can be molded with heat to curved surfaces by using a decapador or a hair dryer normal and current.

Recommend use in: cars, bikes, interior, exterior, for home, for office, on wood, metal, plastic, or any surface that is NOT rough (it is important that the surface on which you intend to install the vinyl is smooth, so the glue can do its effect). This does not mean that the surface has curves, of course you can have them. A very typical example is trying to install the vinyl on a wall with textured walls, here I never stick well.

Features vinyl Yellow carbon:

- Mark WrapWorkers®
- Thickness: 0.20 mm
- Quality: medium-high.
- Bubble-free. Has a system “Air Free”, that allows you to install without air bubbles.
- Moldable with heat. It is not necessary to apply heat to smooth surfaces, although it is recommended for curved or irregular surfaces (a hair dryer is enough)
- Easy to clean.
- Resistant to high and low temperatures, snow, and water. Not suitable for exhaust pipes or brake callipers.
- Hard and strong (high viscosity).
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Without a doubt, the vinyl Yellow carbon is a wise decision if you want to decorate any part of your car. Once placed it can be removed leaving little residue (depends on the surface it may leave some glue with alcohol is going). The most interesting thing about this vinyl is that you can cut it and shape it as you want without fear of damaging the original piece.

It is not necessary to be a professional to install the vinyl Yellow carbon but if it is advisable to be tinkering, because it requires work. If you have any doubt of your installation look at our video tutorials.

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