Solvent Vinyl liquid and Pre-Cleaner

Solvent Vinyl liquid

Solvents and pre-cleaner for vinyl liquid: clean your gun, mix your own paint and clean the surface prior to painting vinyl with liquid.

Introducing the new category if you want a product to remove the vinyl liquid. In Audioledcar we will help you to remove this product, which possibly cost you for a bad installation.

We have two different amounts of solvent are:

- Solvent in a pot of one liter (1L)

- Solvent in a pot of five-litre (5L)

The brand with which we work is WrapWorkers, which also feature products from both products to your installation as remove them.

This product can be used for the cleaning of the utensils/tools that we use when we have finished painting.

Although there are many paintings that are needed to use with solvent (we're talking mix paint and solvent for dilution).

We can use two types of solvent the soft as are the spirits, and other more strong as epoxy.

I want to remove the vinyl liquid of my tires, how can I do it?

In the event that you put vinyl liquid in the tire and remove it with the hand, there is some other product it is important to bear in mind not to use products/tools that may scratch the wheel. For this reason, we advise you to with a microfiber dips a little bit of product and gently you apply it in the area of the vinyl liquid, you'll see that it will be gradually removed.

The solvent does not cease to be a product that can be harmful to the health of the person always and when it is used in the wrong way, in Audioledcar we want to make sure that you know the dangers:

- Flammable liquid and vapour.

- May cause drowsiness and dizziness.

- Keep the product away from sources of heat, sparks, open flames or surfaces warm.

- Do not smoke near the product.

- To use the product, provided with protective gloves

- To use the product, provided with garments of clothing equipped (overalls, etc).

- Use of the product with a mask of protection.

- In case of fire, immediately shut down to prevent the spread.

- Using the product continuously, you can cause on the skin cracks therefore, use protective gloves.

- Use a specific shoe.

How to clean a product/tool with solvent?

In the case that you have already made the installation of the vinyl liquid and want to proceed with the cleaning of the tools.

The first thing we will do is remove the paint liquid with a paper towel leaving him, the traces of the product. After, we will introduce the tool in any glass container and add a small amount of solvent vinyl liquid mixed with warm water.

Then we get the tools and drain on kitchen paper. We recommend that you leave it to dry on the brush (or tool) into the air by any remnants that may have been left.

In the case that you have used a gun professional to paint, you can also use this product. Advise you to mix it with water and cleaning in an outdoor area.

With any questions you have, please do not hesitate to contact us by any way, whether by phone, email or chat on our website.

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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about volkswagen - golf:

    boa tarde, há poucos anos atrás pintei o tejadilho do meu carro com o vosso vinil em spray, mas está a começar de sair, como consigo remover na totalidade sem estragar a tinta original. cumprimentos.

    Answer: Bom dia, digo-lhe que temos o seguinte produto específico para poder retirar o produto de vinil líquido Uma saudação cordial.

    Answer: Bom Dia. Se foi aplicado corretamente na hora, apenas puxando, deve sair sem problemas. Uma saudação.

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