Guns painted car

Guns to paint a car

Many of our clients will always want to have the tools that are indispensable when installing our products. Therefore, in this section we will present, explain that we have available and their operation.

What our clients want is easy when you install a product such as for example:

-APPLICATION GUN FOR SPRAY 400 ML: it is a gun with a plastic base that what it does is apply the spray more comfortable. The great advantage of this product is that it makes that you can install the product by creating layers uniforms. It seems silly but if you do not use a tool to take the product, you do that on different occasions-use more or less product depending on the pressure you're exerting on the spray.

-GUN AEROGRÁFICA FOR VINYL LIQUID ACOE 100-E: a product that can be for professional use but even so, several of our clients being new to the world of vinyl liquid, with this tools, we have indicated the ease at the time of the installation. These guns its operation is based on compressed air from the product which is inside the tank of the same.


I would like to paint my front bumper, what do you recommend?

If you are looking for is a basic tool to apply the product, we recommend the application gun spray 400 mL. We recommend that you always use products and tools for the first time, practice before on a surface to see the behavior of the product, and especially the amount that goes to be used with a spray gun to spray. We use sprays, aerosols, and we need to take into account the different risks such as inhalation of harmful substances, drowsiness, dizziness, etc

So always make any outdoor installation and with space-without there being any danger by fire.

When you have finished performing the installation, we strongly recommend that you use a little solvent with water, wet a cloth and slide it down the gun spray to remove most of the paint.


I have used the tool gun aerográfica for vinyl liquid ACOE 100-E, how could I clean it?

It may seem silly but in the event that you have opted for the compressed air gun, will leave you some tips as in Audioledcar we would do the cleaning of the same.

We will have to start using a solvent (such as solvent vinyl liquid Audioledcar) along with water.

*Important* do not immerse the gun in full in solvent, because we can get to spoil several items like rubber bands, etc, that with the time we will be able to stay without her, break down completely.

After we will start by removing the tank and cleaning it with water, etc, And later on we will start using a little bit of solvent and pulverizándolo on a surface. And we will make this process until the solvent comes out is completely clean.

What we normally advise and as a first step after cleaning the reservoir is to clean the nozzle of the gun.

Subsequently, with the removed parts, and dry everything well and leave it for a while on top of a cloth if it has been some type of residue as water in it.

In Audioledcar we recommend to you with any questions that you have, please do not hesitate to contact with our agent, either by email, chat or even by phone.


You have doubts? Here we explain in more detail You have doubts?

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