Cleaning Vinyl liquid

Cleaning Vinyl fluid

Surely you've read about in other products but if not, this is a question that's very typical in our crazy vinyl. And is that this is essential in the time that we have to want to put paint or vinyl.

In Audioledcar we'll advise you of the hand of the best products to make cleaning your vehicles such as Chemical Guys.

-CLEANER FOR VINYL OR PLASTIC PAINT - METICULOUS MATTE WASH: the pot contains 473 millilitres of product, perfect for surfaces in matt or glossy. Allows you to clean up marks complicated as fingers, dust, etc., The shampoo is formed by a base of citrus-based lubricant.

What you have to keep in mind when you go to use this product is to wet the surface starting at the top for the dirt to go from top to bottom. The shampoo should be mixed with water (I invite you to see the product on our website in the section on cleaning). After you apply the product with a sponge or specific, but a microfiber.

Product specific-surface-matte or glossy.


How to clean vinyl liquid?

Apart from using the product stated above that helps to the maintenance of the vehicle, you may also use a shampoo as SHAMPOO WASH CITRUS WASH AND GLOSS - CHEMICAL GUYS but yes, when we take a product as `delicate as the vinyl liquid always recommend that you clean by hand.

That is to say, not be cleaned with high pressure water spray, do not put in washing car, etc

It is best to clean it on a site prepared for it, with a bucket of water, shampoo, chosen one, the protector, and a tool such as a sponge or a microfiber.


I have vinyl liquid in the bumper, and wheels, and without wanting to I've skimmed the area, how it is arranged?

In the event that you have had this happen, do not panic because there is a solution. In the case of that has happened, will cover the areas that you do not want to paint (in this case to protect very well the tire and headlights), and apply the vinyl to a liquid. We remind you that the vinyl that we have has a duration of 3 to 5 years and putting an average of between 1 to 4 layers will form the vinyl liquid.

*Important* when you apply vinyl liquid, between layer and layer, let it dry for about fifteen minutes. And when we have finished we will let the vinyl dry in an open area about 24 hours. And that the product is not clean to after a while.

In the case of has been a rallón on the side of the vehicle itself that it is true that able to replace a piece that is so visible, it is complicated by that in this case we advise you to go to an expert to get the vehicle as new.

In the event that they quit any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, phone or even by chat of the page. Our agents will be happy to help and recommend a specialist in the sector.

You have doubts? Here we explain in more detail You have doubts?

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