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Cable de diagnosis Vag Com HEX-NET Spanish with Wi-fi or USB and App for mobile. You can use the vag com hex-net , with the App of your mobile and from your computer. In addition you'll be able to do all the updates through Wifi. Ideal to diagnose all the cars in the VAG group: Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda.

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Cable diagnosis VAG COM HEX-NET

The cable diagnosis Vag Com Hex-Net is completely original and includes license to use for infinite numbers of frame. With it, we can make any type of diagnosis, coding or adaptation in all the cars in the VAG group: Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda. The price includes all future updates, and warranty of 2 years from its activation.

It is ideal for professional use or for drivers demanding that they want to be connected with your vehicle permanently.

Features Vag Com Hex-NET English Original:

  • -Connection via Wifi or cable.
  • -Usage via laptop or App.
  • -Program portable in English (App in English for the moment).
  • -Original license unlimited: you can record all the cars you want.
  • -Updates: free
  • -Warranty: 2 years from activation

The main differences between a few models of vagcom and others are (all perform all basic and advanced functions of diagnosis, coding, adaptation, etc.):

  • Vag Com HEX-V2: we can only connect 3 vehicles (3 numbers of the frame). It is connected by cable and used laptop. Recommended for a particular use.
  • Vag Com HEX-V3 Professional: we can connect infinite number of cars. It is connected by cable and used laptop. Recommended for use in mechanical workshop.
  • Vag Com HEX-NET: we can connect infinite number of cars. It is connected by cable, wifii or APP and use it portable or mobile application. Recommended for drivers that are more demanding.

How does the Vag com HEX-NET to Spanish?

The first thing that we will have to do will be to install the Vag Com Hex-Net English in our notebook. We will slow down the program from the website of the manufacturer (ross-tech.de/downloads/est). Once installed, connect to the vehicle, and we will record our Vag Com Hex-Net. This will take us about 5 minutes. Once registered within a few hours you will receive a confirmation email stating that the license will be registered to your name (until you receive the email you will be able to use the cable without problems).

Manual VAG COM HEX-Net in Spanish:

There are numerous manuals, VAG COM HEX-NET, you only have to enter in the manufacturer's website and look at them.

Connection: cable Vag Com Hex-Net includes three leds with different colors.

  1. Left Led solid green: everything is connected correctly
  2. Left Led blinking red: there is a connection failure by short circuit. Check that the cable and the pins on the OBDII connector are properly connected.
  3. Left Led is green and blinking red: connected to the vehicle.
  4. Led half-orange: this is creating the wifi connection, look at instructions in vag-com-espanol.com/Instrucciones_rapidas.pdf to connect it properly.
  5. Led green right: there is communication.
  6. Led right red: no communication.

Registry Vag Com HEX-Net English: to register the cable diagnosis Vag Com Hex-Net will only have to turn on the program, go to options, and USB configuration. Once you have filled in all the data and sent you will receive an email with your license number original. Put it in the program and ready.

For any doubts or questions you can write to us at info@vag-com-espanol.com

Cars compatible with Vag Com Hex-Net Spanish

Will all cars in the VAG group (Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda) from 1994. For old cars prior to 2000 may require an adapter, contact us.

Cable diagnosis Vag Com HEX-NET AUDI:



A3 8L

A3 8P

A3 8V

A4 B5

A4 B6 B7

A4 B8

A4 B9


A6 C4 / 100

A6 C5

A6 C6

A6 C6

A6 C7 / A7

A8 D4







Cable diagnosis Vag Com HEX-NET Volkswagen:



Caddy 5 Seater

Caddy 2 Seater


Escarabaja Type 1


Golf IV

Golf V

Golf V Plus

Golf VI

Golf VII

Golf Sportsvan

Jetta V

Jetta VI


New Beetle

Passat B5

Passat B6

Passat B7

Passat B8

Passat CC

Polo III

IV pole

Polo V

Scirocco III

Sharan 2 Seats

Sharan 5 Squares

Sharan's Third Row

Sharan 5 Squares

Sharan's Third Row




T5 Second Row


Tiguan II

Touareg I

Touareg II

Touran I

Touran II



Cable diagnosis Vag Com HEX-NET SEAT:

Alhambra I 2-Seater

Alhambra I-5 Squares

Alhambra I Third Row

Alhambra II 5 Squares

Alhambra II Third Row


Altea XL


Ibiza III

Ibiza IV

Cordoba II

Cordoba III


Leon I

Leon II

Leon III


Toledo II

Toledo III

Toledo IV



Cable diagnosis Vag Com HEX-NET SKODA:



Fabia I

Fabia II

Fabia III

Fabia III 2 Squares

Octavia I

Octavia II

Octavia III




Superb II

Superb III


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