Spray paint vinyl liquid bubble GUM PINK MATTE

Vinyl liquid pink bubble gum for car or bike of the brand WrapWorkers®. Paint peelable spray of high quality and finished completely smooth.

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Vinyl liquid bubble Gum pink

Vinyl liquid pink bubble gum for car or bike of the brand WrapWorkers®. Paint peelable spray of high quality and finished completely smooth. Ideal for painting any metal surface or plastics of the car (except wood, lighthouses, and pilots): hood, roof, interior trim, center console, shifter, handles of doors, grilles, emblems, logos, etc

- 400 ml spray paint vinyl ready to apply directly from the brand WrapWorkers®

Additional information for vinyl spray pink:
- What is the Vinyl liquid pink bubble gum?
It is a painting that can be applied directly on any surface and once dry can be removed like a vinyl sticker it were.
- Applies directly, without sanding or pre-treat.
- Produces a textured finish smooth and uniform.
- You can wash it with gun pressure.
- Average length Vinyl pink fluid 3-5 years.
- Amount of surface covered by spray 400 ml: 1.2 sq meters.

EXAMPLES of amounts to apply with the vinyl spray pink:
1 spray 400 ml: a wheel, mirrors, interior trim, antennas, etc.
2 spray 400 ml: hood, roof, sideskirts, etc
4 spray 400 ml: 4 wheels up to 19 inches.

Watch our video Tutorial on how to paint the tires with Vinyl Liquid WrapWorkers®:

Summary instructions for use spray vinyl pink fluid (see application guide attached to the tab of the product):
- Clean the surface with pre-cleaner WrapWorkers®.
- Apply Vinyl liquid pink bubble gum in an environment between 18 and 25ºC, with the surface completely dry and neutral.
- Apply a minimum of 6-8 layers.
- The first layer will be our primer, do it with the past quick to create a thin layer.
- Apply the product to some 20 cm from the piece and as parallel as possible to the surface where we are applying.
- Between layers to wait an average of 10-20 minutes (depends on the ambient temperature and humidity).
- Time of complete drying of the vinyl spray WrapWorkers®: 24 hours in normal conditions.
- Not valid for painting lighthouses, pilots and intermittent. You must cover these areas with masking tape. The time to lift the masking tape is just after applying the last layer, when it is still wet paint.
- Once dry you can remove it when you want it, as if a sticker were.
- The final appearance is very similar to a wrap with adhesive vinyl traditional, but the way of applying it is completely different.

Specialists in Vinyl liquid pink bubble gum for professional use. If you have any questions please contact us.

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