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  • Spray Paint green Car
  • Spray Paint green Car
Spray Paint green Car
  • Spray Paint green Car
  • Spray Paint green Car

Spray paint car-military green WrapWorkers® 400 ml ideal for painting wheels, body, trim, plastic, metal, bumper, refinish and everything you can imagine. This spray of acrylic paint military green is very pigmented so with a couple of layers will be sufficient to cover the entire surface.


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Paint For Cars Spray Green military - WrapWorkers®

Spray paint car-military green to paint or repair any type of surface: bodywork, wheels, bumper, lip, grills, dashboard or any plastic or metal. Their most common use is in cars but can also be applied on motorcycles or in any other sector other than automotive.

The brand WrapWorkers® is considered one of the best for the manufacture and distribution of paintings in all sectors. Its quality lies in the raw materials used for the manufacture of spray paint, acrylic military green, such as resins and solvents that comply with all current European legislation and does not damage the surfaces or the health.

The paint for cars spray military green this especially pigmented so that we will be able to cover large surfaces with a single spray of 400 ml. The finish will be of a bright tone but it is highly recommended to apply varnish once the painting process to protect the paint against sun and wear and tear.

Manual for painting with the spray military green for cars:

The first thing you need to do to paint with a spray paint car-military green is to repair the surface with filler and primer. If our surface is not damaged, just have to clean it well with mild soap and let it dry.

  • 1-Repair the surface with filler and imprimiación (not necessary)
  • 2-Clean the surface
  • 3-Cover for those surfaces that do not want to paint
  • 4-Apply a layer of spray military green for cars
  • 5-Let dry for 10 min at temperature of 15-25ºC and re-apply another layer to cover the entire surface.
  • 6-Apply varnish, gloss or matte to protect the paint.

NOTE: if the surface has some treatment with waxes may react with the spray. Clean very well before applying it to remove the residue you have.

Specialists in spray paints for car-military green, any doubt contact us.

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