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Purchase replacement bulb xenon for Honda Civic (2012 - 2017). Available in the following references, D2S, D2R, D1S, D3S and D4S. Quality assurance thanks to the brand ZesfOr®. To select between the two colors 6000k (pure white) or 4300k (warm white). Exclusive product in Audioledcar. Price per unit.

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Replacement bulbs headlight xenon Honda Civic (2012 - 2017)

Purchase bulbs replacement xenon original for Honda Civic (2012 - 2017). Ideal to replace the old bulb of your car by this xenon of top quality and with warranty ZesfOr®. We'll just have to remove the old and put the new one on. Price per unit.

The bulbs headlight xenon lose strength over time and it is advisable to change them every 5-6 years. When the xenon bulbs are already very bad will begin to see purple until they stop to look. It is time to change your passwords, don't forget!

References bulbs xenon original for Honda Civic (2012 - 2017) available (we can see this reference is engraved in the lighthouse itself, the part that is hidden by the hood of the car):

  • D2S
  • D2R
  • D1S
  • D3S
  • D4S

Available colors:

  • 6000k: white xenon (the most sold and recommended)
  • 4300k: warm white (which tends to come standard in most cars)

Choose one color or another is a matter of taste. By experience, we recommend you the color 6000k since it is the top sales.

How do I replace the bulb xenon original D2S, D2R, D1S, D3S, D4S?

The process is simple, just have to replace the old bulb with the new one. In most of the cars we can do this process by opening the hood and removing the headlight cover. Other vehicles will have to pick up the bumper to gain access to the light bulb and replace it correctly. However we can always take it to a workshop where in a while you'll do it without problem.

I've commented but the xenon bulbs ZesfOr® have a coating is a heavy duty bulb xenon that allows us to cope with them without the risk of breaking or damaging them. This is a very significant because during the facilities sometimes happen misfortunes and with ZesfOr you will never have problems.

Why choose the bulbs headlight xenon ZesfOr®?

ZesfOr® offers all of its customers three essential aspects of any product:

  1. Warranty
  2. Quality
  3. Price

Thanks to this philosophy ZesfOr® has managed to rise above all of your competitors remains today one of the best brands in Led lighting and Xenon in the world of the automotive industry.

Explanation of how it works a xenon original for Honda Civic (2012 - 2017): the xenon technology was a revolution in the world of the automotive industry. Thanks to these bulbs got double the brightness on the road, improving the safety and avoiding visual fatigue. A xenon original works to 12 volts but thanks to a switchboard xenon, that is to say, the ecu goes sandwiched between the bulb xenon and the 12-volt of the car in such a way that transforms this voltage to get it to turn on that light bulb.

The xenon bulbs, despite what you think, if you will melt and lose strength. It is recommended to change them every 5 years to avoid losing any light.

If a headlight xenon to stop working it's usually the fault of the bulb but first we will have to check it out. How do we do it? Very simple. We take the headlight bulb IF it works and is put in the headlight that does NOT work. If the set works again means that the bulb xenon that we've taken is damaged and need to replace it. If NOT works then that will be the ecu.

We remind you that you're not forced to carry a spare bulb xenon original for Honda Civic (2012 - 2017) in the car but if it's advisable.

Specialists in lighting, xenon headlamp original.

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