Suspensions and springs Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass - Suspension and springs Bilstein, Vogtland, Kw, Vmaxx

Store in Madrid of suspensions for Jeep Compass of the best brands: Bilstein, Vogtland, Kw, Sachs, Vmax, and much more. Discover all the novelties that we have for you on our website. We remind you of the importance of keeping the suspension in good condition. A bad state of the same would lead to a crash almost for sure. Protect your life and protects your hand from the best brands of shock absorbers and suspensions for Jeep Compass.

The now of choosing a new suspension for our Jeep Compass we must take into account certain factors. There are numerous brands on the market and each one is aimed at one thing. The first is if we want a replacement as the original, or instead prefer to win in sportsmanship. Note: keep in mind that if we win in sportsmanship we lose in comfort. This is very important because we need to be aware of that our women us can reproach that "now it will be more noticeable the bumps".

Bilstein suspensions, springs and shock absorbers for Jeep Compass

The suspension by Bilstein for Jeep Compass is probably the best brand that exists to replace the shock absorbers of our Jeep Compass. Its great reliability and its history make it the most expensive but also the best. It is a German firm that sells all over the world. The major brands of car lead factory mounted Bilstein in their best car models.

We can distinguish between several types of models Bilstein for Jeep Compass: B2, B4, B6, B8, B10, B12, B14 and B16. The difference between a model and another is the quality of the finishes and the use, that is to say, the b4 is for example for replacement of the shock absorber to original while that a B12 is a shock absorber - Bilstein more a spring Eibach that allows us to regulate in height and hardness our docks. Without a doubt, are the best way to enjoy our cars.

KW suspensions, springs and shock absorbers for Jeep Compass

The suspensions KW Jeep Compass are mythical in the world of tuning. They have several versions as KW variante1 or Kw variante2 etc., The difference between their models is that the first of all you downgrade the car 3-5 cm, and increase hardness and the other two allow you to regulate the height and the hardness. They are very athletic and of good quality, but in opposition are a little comfortable. Even if you are certainly one of the best brands in the market.

V-maxx suspensions, springs and shock absorbers for Jeep Compass

The suspension V-maxx for Jeep Compass they are much cheaper than any other brand. Stand out as a suspension which is adjustable in height and hardness at a very competitive price. They are very similar in quality to the suspensions Vogtland. If our budget is tight it is ideal to buy these shocks, although we recommend best Vogtland.

Vogtland suspensions, springs and shock absorbers for Jeep Compass

The suspensions Vogtland for Jeep Compass is characterized by having a relationship quality price very good. You can buy the springs or the entire kit of springs and shock absorbers. Alone the docks will allow us to lower the vehicle a few inches. While if we change springs and shock absorbers of our Jeep Compass we can regulate the height to our liking. Product highly recommended.

All the springs or kit of shocks and springs for Jeep Compass which modify the height will require approval by the Engineer of the new heights of the vehicle. The average budget of this approval is around 150€ and is required of certificate of assembly of workshop and the MOT test once you have the project in the firm.

Specialists in suspension, shock absorbers and springs for the Jeep Compass. Any doubt contact us.

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