Q2 - GPS tracking people, high duration

  • Q2 - GPS tracking people, high duration
Q2 - GPS tracking people, high duration
  • Q2 - GPS tracking people, high duration

Q2 is a GPS locator people high duration: up to 6 days. Thanks to your App you can monitor all the movements of a family member, friend or employee. The gps locator people works with a SIM card inside (1€/month). If you don't have one you can buy it here.

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VIDEO Q2 - GPS tracking people, high duration You don't know how to register in the GPS locator app? We show you how to do it in this video.
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GPS locator people Q2

Thanks to the GPS locator of people we may know at all times where there is a person at any time. Long battery life: 6 days. Using your App tracksolid we will be able to view, monitor and configure all the options that we have of this locator. As special features, interesting we have the geolocation that allows us to select an area if the person is out of that radius that you notify us.

We have our own server Tracksolid and Wetrack in Spain, don't fool with overloaded servers located outside of Spain with the problems that it entails.
Our setup manual is not generic.
We offer technical service of the application as well as renewal, control the state of your device as well as any issue that you have with the same.
Maintenance of the application included with future updates.
We do not offer or the possibility of installation or to introduce another device in our servers sold by another company.

Content of the GPS locator people:

  • 1-GPS Locator pet Q2.
  • 2-Charger.
  • 3-Pendant.
  • 4-Instructions.
  • 5-App Tracksolid free a year (the other 2,5€ a year).

Installation Q2:

To operate the GPS locator pet Q2 only have to enter a SIM card inside that has data (we recommend to use the company simyo which costs 1€/month and we have 100Mb more than enough for this). The second step is to download the App and check (put a email and a password). Once inside the App, click the top-right and enter the IMEI of the GPS (the imei found behind the battery in the GPS or in the box). It is! in 5-10 minutes the GPS will be configured and will start to give a signal (to turn it on to stop tight the center button (3 seconds). The battery durá 2 to 4 days and is charged in just 3 hours.

Specialists in GPS locators people Q2, any doubt contact us.

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