Protective boot for Renault Clio V Hatchback position tray trunk high (2019-)


Protective boot for Renault Clio V Hatchback position tray trunk high (2019-) compatible with the shape of your trunk. All the protective boot is manufactured with the shape of your trunk so that they fit perfectly. Made of recycled materials. Fully waterproof and very resistant. Product advised to protect the boot from dirt, mud, water, sand, etc


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Protector boot PVC for Renault Clio V Hatchback position tray trunk high (2019-)

On this occasion, we present the range of protectors of trunk, without a doubt the best option if we want to take care of and keep the trunk of our car as the first day.

Why should I choose a protective boot for my Renault Clio V Hatchback position tray trunk high (2019-)?

The protective boot is one of the accessories necessary if we want to keep our new vehicle, and care as the first day. Thanks to him, we will protect our trunk of any accident which may ruin the perfect state of our upholstery, whether a spill of liquids, sand, beach, muddy mountain or snow in the sierra, with our protector boot will protect the upholstery from the original.

What are the advantages of a protective boot specific for Renault Clio V Hatchback position tray trunk high (2019-)?

When looking for a protector trunk, we're going to find many options on the market, without a doubt, the most advisable, both for aesthetics, functionality is the choice of a protector trunk specific.

A specific protector is no more than a protector with the original shape of the trunk of our car. This is a great advantage before other products of universal form, as having specific shape, we make sure that no corner of our trunk is revealed, and may not make effective the role of the same, another of the advantages of this shield is your form of bucket, which guarantees that in the event of a liquid spill, don't touch the upholstery if you do not stay in the same protector.

Of what material it is made the protector of the trunk?

The protective boot of PVC is made of a plastic material semi-rigid, which makes it resistant to any type of material, so it is useful to use both particular (suitcases, trolleys, shopping bags, accessories for the beach or mountain, skis, bicycles...) as well as for your professional use (Tools, solvents, paints, sand, building materials or automotive, oils...)

How do I know if the protective boot is the correct one for my model?

It is very simple, we just need to be guided by the model, brand and year of your vehicle, you also need to take into account if our model is gasoline, diesel, hybrid, electric, or hybrid, plug-in as the boots can be changed, all this information is available on the web.

Another of the options to choose correctly the protector trunk, is to choose properly the position of the same, the vehicles may have various positions of the base of the trunk, usually three, the first one would be unique position (when you only have one option), the second high position (if our trunk has two options, the option with the base to a greater height, usually flush with the trunk) and the third and last position low (if our trunk we have two options, the lowest position, the more depth of trunk does not give).

We must also take into account if the vehicle has a spare wheel normal (which is the same as that which we have mounted), wheel of the cookie(that is more flat, and can only be circular to 80 km an hour) or kit tire repair.

All these elements make the trunk of our vehicle change, so it is important to take them into account at the time the order is placed, however, in Audioledcar we have a customer support team who will be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have at the time of placing your order.

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