Pair light bulbs Xenon D2S 6000k, +50% light ZesfOr®


Couple of bulbs xenon D2S ZesfOr® +50% LIGHT 6000k. The only bulbs on the market that increase the visibility of your headlights xenon.


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VIDEO Pair light bulbs Xenon D2S 6000k, +50% light ZesfOr® Discover all our bulbs + 50% light and their technical characteristics. You can also see its use and operation in a Volkswagen Golf. What are you waiting for?
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Couple of bulbs xenon D2S ZesfOr® +50% LIGHT 6000k. The only bulbs on the market that increase the visibility of your headlights xenon.

Thanks to its new patented design ZesfOr®, these bulbs create a beam of light up to 50% higher than that of a xenon bulb conventional, with the same installation and control unit (ballast).

Colour 6000k (cool white) for xenon original home. If you have been cast a xenon bulb this is your solution, plug and play, remove old bulb half a thread and put new, so easy. Quality guaranteed.

Brand: ZesfOr®
Voltage: 85V
Power: 35W
Socket: D2S
Load Xenon: +150%

Have you ever blown a bulb of a Xenon source, or has greatly diminished their power?
The Xenon bulbs have a limited life, depending a lot on your use. Thus, the life of a bulb of Xenon may vary from 3 years to 8 - 9 years as a maximum. In addition, with the passage of time, they lose power, and its luminosity decreases to a great extent.

Why has one of them a color is slightly purple?
When one of the bulbs begins to have a purple colour, it means that it is about to break down and shut down. It is appropriate to replace the xenon bulb as soon as possible.

Do I need to change the two light bulbs xenon d2s 6000k or just one?
Generally we recommend replacing the two bulbs of xenon. When a xenon bulb has failed and usually ends failing the other at little time. In addition, the shade of a xenon bulb varies with the passage of time so that if you only replaced a light bulb will surely notice a slight difference in color.

What color corresponds to the hue of Xenon of origin?
The hue of the color of the Xenon is measured by degrees Kelvin. The color that corresponds to the key of origin is generally to be 4300 K (white warm). The color 6000k corresponds to cold white.

What warranty?
All spare parts have warranty direct with us, so that if they had any fault or problem, do not have more contact with our after - sales service.

Specialists in lighting xenon. Any doubt contact us.

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Pair light bulbs Xenon D2S 6000k, +50% light ZesfOr®