Pack of LEDs for Volkswagen Scirocco (2008-2014)

  • Pack of LEDs for Volkswagen Scirocco (2008-2014)
  • Pack of LEDs for Volkswagen Scirocco (2008-2014)
Pack of LEDs for Volkswagen Scirocco (2008-2014)
  • Pack of LEDs for Volkswagen Scirocco (2008-2014)
  • Pack of LEDs for Volkswagen Scirocco (2008-2014)

Game of led light bulbs Volkswagen Scirocco. Change the lighting inside and outside of your car thanks to this kit of led lights Volkswagen. Thanks to your system canbus does not give error light is burnt out. Pure white Color. Approved.


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VIDEO Pack of LEDs for Volkswagen Scirocco (2008-2014) How do we install the led car lights? In this video we explain the different types and how to do it quickly, easily and safely. Suitable for all audiences, do not miss it.
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Game of led lights for Volkswagen Scirocco (2008-2014)

Renew the interior and exterior lighting of your vehicle with these LED bulbs. Do not produce a failure of light cast as they incorporate canbus technology. Pure white (we have other colors, please contact us).

Contents of the pack (12 bulbs):
Light - ceiling lamp interior front.
- Light canopy inside rear.
- Light tuition.
- Light boot.
- Lights umbrellas.
- Lights Footplate
- Front position

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Note: all bulbs included in this kit belong to the Gold Range of our catalog. These led bulbs are made with SMD, quartz-based ceramic and Chip 1819549N, which guarantees quality and durability infinite. For more information about the components of our LED bulbs, please visit our Blog.

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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about Volkswagen - Scirocco 2014:

    Me gustaría saber si tienen disponible bombillas led en tienda de posición, interior completo yluz retrovisores y si alguna de ellas dan fallo en el cuadro. Muchas gracias!

    Answer: Buenos días. Le comento que no somos tiendas, sino un punto de recogida de pedidos online. Ademas le indicamos que no disponemos de base de datos para ver que bombilla lleva cada vehiculo, nos lo tiene que decir el cliente Un saludo.