Pack of led light bulbs Citroen C3 III (2016-2018)

Kit of led bulbs Citroen C3 III to replace the lights of your car on these white led. Renews the aesthetics of your car in 10 minutes and modernízalo. This kit of led lights for Citroen C3 III includes the bulbs which are listed in the description (more coming for this car model).

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Kit led lights Citroen C3 III

Pack of led lights Citroen C3 III ideal for replacing the old yellow bulbs of your car with the new led. The white color of the led bulbs will renew the aesthetics of your car. Easy to change, without the need of technical knowledge. All of the light bulbs that make up the kit are the essential and best-selling but usually are not all. There are light bulbs that the car takes and are not required to change because it is barely used.

The kit of led bulbs Citroen C3 III (2016-2018) contains:

  • Led bulbs soffit front
  • Led light bulbs glove box
  • Led light bulbs trunk

Save 25% with this pack of led lights for Citroen C3 III (if you buy the led bulbs separately will be much more expensive).

The kit led lights Citroen C3 III is composed of LED lamps of the brand ZesfOr®. This assures us of a quality and a gloss white perfect (no blue tones). If you want another color than white, just specify when ordering in notes or send an email.

Installing led light bulbs Citroen C3 III

The installation of lights for Citroen C3 III is simple, we just have to remove the old-fashioned bulbs and put the new. To remove the soffits, the ideal is to do it with a credit card and a flat head screwdriver thin. Normally, all the panels are anchored with tabs and on occasion with one screw (watch the video).

Before you remove the yellow bulb there is that make sure that takes off a while since, but you can burn.

An important recommendation while we install the light bulbs in your Citroen C3 III: if at any time we are left without interior lights inside the car will be because it has blown the fuse. What we have to do is change it (look in the manual of the vehicle). So that this never happens we will close the switch of the lights before you remove the bulb, put the led bulb and then return to turn on the switch. In this way we will avoid making a short circuit.

Note: if you put the led bulb this doesn't work will be because we have put it upside down. The led bulbs have polarity

Specialists in led lighting Citroen C3 III, any doubt contact us.





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