Monocular thermal Guide TrackIR 35mm

GUIDE TrackIR 35mm

The monocular thermal Guide TrackIR 35mm is the middle of the range being able to detect a source of human heat up to 1000 meters. Ideal for all types of waiting and stalking at night. A thermal very versatile.


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Guide TrackIR 35mm

The monocular thermal Guide TrackIR 25mm is a device that allows us to locate animals during the day and night. The most economical of their range, and practical. If you have any doubt that monocular choose to call us or come see us, shop in Madrid.

Let's make an analysis between the differences of the different monocular thermal Track GO to:

  • Guide TrackIR 25mm: has a detection distance of up to 700 metres (human). Magnification: 1,7x6,8.
  • Guide TrackIR 35mm: it has a sensing distance of up to 1000 meters (human). Magnification: 2,3x9,2
  • Guide TrackIT 50mm: it has a sensing distance of up to 1400 meters (human). Magnification: 3,3x13,2

All monocular thermal Guide TrackIR have these characteristics:

  • App: connect your mobile to the heat to watch and record videos.
  • Display LCOS color 1280x960, one of the best.
  • Resolution of the chip: 400x300 (series TrackIR pro has a higher resolution, 640x480)
  • Battery 6000mah lithium battery (up to 5 hours of continuous operation)

Note important about the monocular thermal Guide TrackIR 35mm

  • In Spain, the use of a monocular thermal IF this is permitted in most communities (review plans hunting grounds and rules of each community as they may vary). In the rest of the world in general is allowed in almost all countries.
  • Use and comfortable: lightweight, it is easy to handle and use.
  • Works with a rechargeable battery. It lasts around 5 hours. Eye, the batteries suffer from the cold so that is not the same to use it on a cold winter night than a summer. Greater cold for a shorter duration, and vice versa.
  • There are numerous brands in the market that sell thermal devices. In general, most have a performance which is similar but none is backed by a reputable company. Simply are small companies that have developed products of the thermal image, but do not have the after-sales service or real stock. In contrast GUIDE® belongs to one of the groups most technologically strong and is traded on stock exchange. It is not a joke what is behind this company, is a technology giant and not a small empresilla that was born yesterday.

Specific features of the Guide TrackIR 35mm:

  • The work indicator can be turned off
  • Eye-leak-test light
  • Buttons ultra-quiet
  • Calibration silent shutter
  • Intuitive buttons and easy-to-renocimiento by touch
  • Allows you to observe for a long time without fatigue
  • Crystal clear picture and delicate
  • Comfortable to the eye
  • Flexible search with the buttons up/down to zoom in
  • Recognition of objects with known height
  • Information scope in real-time displayed on a mobile app and in the monocular
  • Settings such as the quality of the image, the color palette, the zoom, the photos, the videos, hot spots, or wifi can be performed both by the device and by the mobile app
  • 7 scene modes and easy navigation between them

If you have any questions contact us. You can also call us at +34 647686891 where the specialist in charge of the Guide will answer you all the questions.

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