MirrorLink Multimedia for Iphone and Android

MirrorLink multimedia brand ZesfOr® to reproduce the screen of your mobile phone on the car. Using this device we can connect our car to our smartphone and play image, audio and video on the original screen of the car.

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MirrorLink brand ZesfOr® ideal for installation in your vehicle and connect your mobile phone iphone or android to the car in such a way that you'll be able to reproduce both the image, as the video as the sound on the original screen of the car. It works without connecting any cable to the mobile. In Apple we will connect our iphone via AirPlay and Android using Screen Mirroring.

Operation of the MirrorLink ZesfOr®

It is very easy to use and operation of the mirrorlink. Once installed we will look with the mobile phone, our device mirrorlink and will link the mobile phone with the car. It's that easy. From then on everything that you touch in the mobile will also be by the screen of the car. For example if we turn the screen of the mobile phone, in the car, also will rotate. If you open a video in YouTube, on the screen of the car will also be shown.

A very interesting part of the MirrorLink is to put the GPS in the phone and view the screen of the car. It's like having a Browser completely built-in and with connection to the internet, that is to say, better impossible!

Requirements necessary to install a MirrorLink ZesfOr®

Before you buy our mirrorlink we have to take into account several things depending on the kit accompany the car:

Option 1 - Screen and radio-original car: The MirrorLink only works if we have installed an interface in our car already but not what we will be able to connect to the car in any way. For example, all the new Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen and BMW are already multimedia screens but do not carry over from series to any type of interface to connect these devices. We recommend that you consult our section Navigation Multimedia to install an interface that has a browser, hands-free, touch, usb, and mirrorlink (it is the most complete, highly recommended).

Option 2 - Screen or radio installed after I bought the car: the MirrorLink will work perfectly if our screen installed has audio and video output. Normally the 100x100 browsers and radios specific that sell for each model of car already carry these outputs.

ATTENTION: if you don't want to install an interface by the cost or is not compatible to your radio with the mirrorlink don't worry, we sell a kit screen+mirrorlink to solve all your problems, look in this same category of the web to find it.

How do you install the MirrorLink ZesfOr®?

The installation of mirrorlink is simple since it is only to connect the wiring to the radio but will require technical expertise since you have to remove the radio, etc, so it is recommended that the installation of mirrorlink is conducted at any store car audio or specialized workshop.

If you have any doubt about compatibility ask us.

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