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Mastik manufacturer of putties polyester for the bodywork of our car.

MASTIK putties polyester for a car, motorcycle, camión...de all types and models. Probably one of the best masillsa for the car.

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Mastic Mastik Car Kit Polyester designed to laminate manually. In conjunction with the mesh MATT-300 fiber is used to manually repair large holes and pieces corroded. Ideal for repairing automotive...

8,83 € 8.83
IVA incluido - Ref: 4847

Mastik Car Hardener Peroxide - specific putties polyester MASTIK PRO and MASTIK CAR-based benzoyl peroxide. Mix well until the paste has a uniform color. Remove carefully so as not to incorporate...

2,42 € 2.42
IVA incluido - Ref: 4848

Putty polyester Mastik Car Aluminium filler 2-components aluminium powder. Recommended for body repairs. Specially recommended for components exposed to temperature changes. Very good adhesion to...

7,04 € 7.04
IVA incluido - Ref: 4839

Putty polyester Mastik Car Carbon-F of very high quality, reinforced with carbon fiber, destined for repairs of vehicles and parts out of carbon fiber. Quick drying. It possesses a great hardness...

24,66 € 24.66
IVA incluido - Ref: 4846

Putty polyester Mastik Car Fiber-V high-quality glass-fibre reinforced, intended for repairs of vehicles, metals, etc Recommended for filling large dents and holes. High hardness and good...

4,50 € 4.5
IVA incluido - Ref: 4840

Putty polyester Mastik Car Light-W - high quality lightweight designed for repair of vehicles, metals, etc.. Low-density. Their low specific gravity reduces the consumption. Very good adhesion to...

11,42 € 11.42
IVA incluido - Ref: 4841

Putty polyester Mastik Car Multi-B super-soft ( soft ) of the highest quality, and designed for repair of vehicles, metals, etc fast Drying. Very low tack. Very good adhesion to metals. Exceptional...

12,98 € 12.98
IVA incluido - Ref: 4844

Putty polyester Mastik Car Multi-F high quality. Multifunction. Designed for repair of vehicles, metals, etc, creamy Texture. High hardness and good flexibility. Very good adhesion to metals. Easy...

12,31 € 12.31
IVA incluido - Ref: 4843

Putty polyester Mastik Car Plastik for plastic, intended for repair of bumpers and plastic parts. Drying very fast. It has great elasticity and flexibility. Exceptional quality of sanding. Very low...

7,26 € 7.26
IVA incluido - Ref: 4845

Putty polyester Mastik Car Ultra Light-W high-quality ultra-light, designed for vehicle repair, metals, etc, Very low density. Their low specific gravity reduces the consumption. Very good adhesion...

14,68 € 14.68
IVA incluido - Ref: 4842

Putty polyester universal Mastik Pro fill 2 components recommended for the bodywork repairs and a sheet of steel. Very good adhesion to metals. Easy mixing and application. Good quality of sanding....

3,99 € 3.99
IVA incluido - Ref: 4838
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