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LED light bulbs HYUNDAI

Discover all the packages of led lights Hyundai that we have for your car. With these packages of led lights you'll be able to change the light bulbs, led interior, led glove, led shade, led plafonier, led trunk and led position. All the packs of lighting containing led bulbs Hyundai but sold. In addition, all the led lights Hyundai have a discount of at least 20%. Take advantage of the occasion and renews the led lighting of your car. We stock a wide range of led light Hyundai, discover what you recommend and if you have any doubt, please consult us. Experts with more than 5 years in led lighting from automobiles will advise you which bulbs to put for your self. Remember that we have a Blog where you can make any query about the led bulbs Hyundai and read the subject very interesting about the fascinating world of led.

Install LED Hyundai, how do you do it without breaking anything?

It is simple, the first thing that we do in order to install leds in Hyundai will be see our video tutorial YouTube installation of led. In the we can see how we can access the various sites of the car to put the new led bulbs. The caution that have to be kept in mind is that every time we go to install a led must turn off the connector that lights to avoid any kind of short circuit.

If your car is canbus (it has a sensor bulb is burnt out), don't worry, all of our packs of led lights for Hyundai are designed to prevent this type of failures so that you will not have any problem, I will simply disassemble old-fashioned bulbs, and put our pack led for Hyundai

The duration of the led bulbs Hyundai is unlimited, so you won't need to buy a replacement. The only thing that affects the led bulbs is moisture and vibration. With vibrations that can issue you a car no problem and the humidity only need to take into account in the license plate lights. You should make sure that the soffit is completely sealed and no water.

Specialists in LED lighting Hyundai, any questions please consult us

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    Answer: Buenos días. Dispongo del siguiente pack de leds de interior https://www.audioledcar.com/es/pack-de-bombillas-led-para-hyundai-tucson-2020-actualidad-zesfor.html debe ir seleccionando la cantidad de bombillas que lleva en cada compartimento. En cuanto a matricula, no disponemos de plafon pero puede cambiar las bombillas

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    Led de los faros ,precios

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