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Plates LED car

LED bulbs PLATE Car and Motorcycle

The plates of led for car are the best option to modify the interior and exterior of your car if you want to get more luminosity with a pure white color.

In our catalog we have two models of plates of led for car:

The LED board high power type 34, perfect if you want a higher potency in the light of the boot or glove compartment, for example.

The plate LED high power type 34 is white in colour and comes with some measures of 2x6 inches.

This model has two connectors led for correct connection: w5w and c5w.

The LED board high power type 34 is indicated to achieve a lower consumption, as the led technology reduces power consumption compared to conventional light bulbs or serial. With this you also get the battery of our vehicle is not exhausted in spite of leave the light on for oblivion.

With this led board we also managed to improve our aesthetic, since the led provides a more attractive appearance to the couple that modern both in the interior and on the exterior of the car.

The LED board high power type 34 has an extra security because the warmth that emit these lights do not cause wear and tear, and therefore, there is not the fear of breaking its seal.

This product incorporates the new SMD quartz, producing a higher luminosity and a shade of white, much more pure. Its base is ceramic and this results in a greater lifespan of the plate. It is also important to know that the leds that incorporates the led board high power type 34 carries the new chip 1819549N that is responsible for distributing the voltage between the different diodes of led steadily to avoid the pesky spikes of voltage.


The LED board 18 leds SMD 5050 type 22 helps us to provide a higher intensity to the vehicles that only have one bulb on the inside of the cabin and prefer to have more light.

This plate has a built connection interchangeable c5w multilongitud, t10 w5w or ba9s.

The installation of the LED board 18 leds SMD 5050 type 22, as is the case with the type 34, reduces consumption because it avoids the battery to drain even if by oversight we let the lights on the vehicle. Also improvement in aesthetics, visibility and safety, providing a more modern look and better light.

The LED board 18 leds SMD 5050 type 22 adds the new SMD quartz-based ceramic and the new chip 1819549N integrated in its leds.

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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about Audi - A4 b8 del 2008:

    Hola Quería ponerle luces led a mi Audi a4 tanto interior maletero guantera matrícula y también las de marcha atras Me gustarías saber cuales usa para poder comprar todas Un saludo

    Answer: Buenos días. Debe indicarnos el casquillo de la bombilla, por favor Un saludo.

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