LED T3 box for car brand Zesfor®


LED bulbs T3 Car and Motorcycle

Cars and motorcycles old often suffer from a defect that is only perceptible little by little. The lights on the speedometer gradually worsen. This is due to the incandescent lamps that are still found today in many dashboards and instrument panels for both cars and motorcycles. The best solution to this problem is to replace these traditional bulbs for LED bulbs.

On our website you can find various models of led cap T3.

This cap is usual to find it in the boxes of instruments, in the interior, on spokes account kilometers or even lighters.

Advantages of LED light bulbs

The LEDS have significant advantages in comparison to incandescent lamps. These are the following:

– Longer service life

– Lower heat generation

– More light output

Due to the long duration of this type of light bulb, the safest thing is that you don't need to install other throughout the life of your vehicle.

You might even be removed and re-use in your next car, because it can be recycled without problems.

The LEDS use much less energy than incandescent lamps.

Give a lot more light with less power and generate at the same time less heat. This is an advantage when the space behind the dashboard is limited.

The LEDS shine much more than the bulbs of halogen-traditional, no heat build up.

In addition, the LED lights can be dimmed to the extent that you want.

Change the lights of a speedometer for LED bulbs is in principle very simple. All you need to do is the following:

– Instructions for dismantling the dashboard

– Right tools

– Peace of mind and good mood

Normally, the bulbs are mounted on the rear panel of paintings by swivel connectors. To reach them, remove the instrument panel.

Depending on the type of vehicle, this may be a matter quite complicated. In any case you should try to disassemble the instrument panel without touching the steering wheel, as there is the airbag.

Once dismantled the speedometer, remove the halogen bulbs traditional with pliers sharp. The bases outstanding are taken and rotated 90°. Then you can draw.

Now you'll be able to measure the base of your light bulbs to determine which type of cap is.

The T3 has a base of 8 mm

Our bulbs T3 ZesfOr® are ready to be installed, you only need to insert to the reverse.

You can easily change the color of your dashboard, as we have many different colors.

You can find the T3 ZesfOr® for your instrument panel in pure white, blue, red, and green.

Not only can you use them to change old light bulbs, you can also use to change the look and feel of your dashboards, configuring it to your liking lighting.

Can I INSTALL light bulbs T3 ZesfOr® IN ANY CAR OR BIKE?

Yes, but you should make sure before that this is the model you need, its base is made of 8mm.

It is normal that in the manual of your vehicle will specify if they are T3, if it does not, you can always take out the bulb and measuring its base.

If you have any questions you can send us a photo and we will confirm for you that the bulb is the one that you need

Before you install any bulb make sure the switch is off.

If when you put the new led bulb T3 ZesfOr®, this does not turn on, try to turn around because the leds have polarity.

Technical characteristics of the bulb T3 ZesfOr®

•Socket type: t3, base 0.8 cm

•Material: Led quartz SMD-based ceramic for durability.

•LEDs: 1 SMD 3528 / 12V.

•Lumens: 100 lm.

Specialists in led lights T3, any doubt contact us

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