Blue LED, Red and Green for car Zesfor®

LED Blue, Red, Green

Bulbs - led-blue, red, green, and yellow car. We have all the bases from light bulbs led red and all the colors. Ideal for installing in the car both inside and in light of tuition. Find all the led bulbs for your car here. We have several brands and models of colored bulbs for car, check our catalogue with more than 100 references.

Once more, in the Audioledcar we trust the brand Zesfor as a benchmark in led light bulbs, in this case, the brand supplied led bulbs colors.

Zesfor is a brand leader in the world of led bulbs for car, enjoy a wide range of bulbs, covering all the needs of the client, since that has options for all types of vehicles and positions.

Thanks to its wide range, we can change the interior lighting of your vehicle with various configurations.

Within this section we will be able to find all the light bulbs of different colors, blue, red, and green.

How do you know which color to choose?

In this case we must distinguish in the first place, the type of bulb you need, and in that position the vehicle will be placed, for example, to box, we can choose any type of color, for inside the same way, if we refer to brake or position of the brake, we will have to choose the color red, regardless of the original color of our light bulb.

What types of bulbs led colors are there?

In Audioledcar we stock a wide range of colored light bulbs, the best-selling and most recommended are the box, inner, brake or blink. We also stock a wide range of led strip lights are ideal to enhance the lighting of your vehicle or give an aesthetic touch.

When do you put a bulb of color and when not?

As we already know, the purpose of the change of a conventional light bulb (halogen) for an led, is given primarily for two reasons, the first of them is to change the aesthetics of the vehicle and improve illumination, the second to improve the consumption or avoid that our bulbs are found constantly.

Therefore, when the replacement light bulb for a led, the idea of setting an led color can be very attractive, in Audioledcar recommend its placement in certain parts of the vehicle, but not all, because we risk losing benefits, for this reason we recommend to put led colors in box, with them we can get, in the first place, greatly improving the lighting, which makes our driving is much more secure and with that we also got to give an aesthetic entirely new to our vehicle, for example, we change the old lighting up a box of yellow or orange, one white, blue, even green, which makes that our vehicle is unique and much more modern.

Another case in which we recommend the installation of colored bulbs is in feet or doors of the vehicle, in the case of the doors, we got more visibility, apart from a cosmetic moderna and attractive, in feet, we got an ambient light very comfortable, which improves the driving as it avoids the fatigue of driving at night.

On the topic of brake light bulbs or intermittent got several objectives, in the first place, increased visibility, our additions, braking, and parking lots, which makes that our vehicle will gain in safety, in the second place, we improve significantly the aesthetics of our vehicle, because a few led bulbs always feel good, whatever the vehicle.

In what cases it is not recommended to assemble leds of colors?

There are areas of the vehicle where it cannot be mounted because they can be dangerous or you may lose powers with regard to the vision provided by halogen, for example, we do not recommend mounting them in front position or tuition fees, because we lose the lighting, it is always better to mount a light bulb 5000k. We would also not recommend to mount led colors in trunk or reading lights of the vehicle, as like in the previous case, we can lose vision.

You have doubts? Here we explain in more detail You have doubts?

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