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Led Lights Car

A wide variety of led bulbs for car brands Zesfor® and ALC®. All these LED bulbs can be used like light bulbs tuition, led position lights w5w, led glove compartment, trunk, light car interior, sun visors led or any place where the vehicle carrying a normal bulbs.

Why must we change our light bulbs by LED? The use of led lights for cars has several advantages such as less consumption and more luminosity. In addition to have an average duration much longer than conventional light bulbs.

Can I replace any led bulb car? The answer is yes. The only thing that we need to know is the model of light bulb halogen and replace it with an led lamp car. There are a lot of types of light bulb but the most common are: w5w, t10, c5w, festoon, canbus, p21w, t20, h6w, t4w, p13w, r10w, bax9s, c10w, and ba9s.

If you prefer, are the soffit led to tuition , we have a wide range to cover the main brands of car.

Discover the fascinating world of led lighting, you change your old light bulbs for our leds of last generation. You'll be fascinated with the change that it will give the look of your car, not only will you gain in lighting, if not that the pure white color of our leds will give you a much more stylish and modern to your car.

In our catalog you will find any bulb you need, since it is to the interior of the vehicle, as well as for the reverse, the light of day, position, even to the dashboard...

Why should you change your conventional light bulbs by led bulbs?

There are several reasons for this:
•Lower consumption: a led light bulb will always consume much less than a conventional. It is very difficult for a led light bulb can drain the battery if you dejases lit by an oversight.

•Aesthetics: the color and the style of the led, is the new benchmark in lighting in the world of the automotive industry, all new models have adopted this new technology,

•The quality of the light: our led bulbs will increase twice the illumination of conventional light bulbs.

All our bulbs are brand ZesfOr®. designed in Europe and manufactured in Taiwan , offering the highest performance at a competitive price. The entire range of led light bulb for car ZesfOr® complies with the most stringent standards of quality while respecting the environmental standards and in compliance with the european regulations. ZesfOr® is a brand specializing in lights car with more than 6 years of experience.

The led lighting is the future in the automotive, proof of this is that all the manufacturers are opting for this type of lighting at their newer models.

You can also access this type of lighting even if your car is not the bring-series thanks to our extensive catalog of led bulbs.

You will find a wide variety of lights with CANBUS technology, which will prevent the car I error light die-cast, very typical when you change a halogen light for an led, since the latter has a consumption much lower.

Why our light bulbs ZesfOr are a benchmark in quality?

There are three fundamental factors to be taken into account to determine the quality of led bulbs:

1-Quality of the SMD (point light): Our bulbs ZesfOr® take the SMD quartz. This gives a pure white color and excellent luminosity.

2-Base: The base ZesfOr® is ceramic. This is important, as the led heats up, (although not as much as conventional light bulbs) If the diode SMD calentase too, would lead to increased wear of the bulb and dramatically shorten their useful life, thanks to this base ceramic, the heat dissipation is much more efficient and increases the durability of the bulb in a spectacular way.
3-Chip: the bulbs ZesfOr® incorporate a Chip 1819549N in charge of distributing the voltage between different diodes of led in a stable and constant. This protects the bulb of any voltage peak that generates the car, and that it might burn the bulb.


The quality of our lamps allows us to provide a full 2 year warranty, if you melt one at that time you change to a new one.

On our website you can find packs of interior lighting for certain models, but you can also buy the light bulbs that you need individually.

You can even change your turn signals, brake lights, and position, greatly increasing the visibility of your car and with it the safety in driving.

You have doubts? Here we explain in more detail You have doubts?

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Customer Questions and Answers


    Que lamparas led para los faros puedo poner, cual me recomendais

    Answer: Buenos días. Le comento que necesitamos que nos indique el casquillo de la bombilla Un saludo.

  • Question about volswagen - scirocco 2012 con bi-xenon:

    Hola buenas, me gustaria cambiar todas las bombillas normales de los focos traseros de un volswagen scirocco del 2012 (intermitencia ,posicion ,freno ,marcha atras) y ponerlas de LED, pero no se realmente que modelos son, podriais ayudarme? gracias y un saludo.

    Answer: Buenos días. Necesitamos que nos indique los casquillos de bombilla. Un saludo.

  • Question about Ford - Focus tdci mk1 2004:

    Quería montar luces delanteras de cortas h7 Led, Led interiores , y Led marcha atrás

    Answer: Buenos días. Para H7 disponemos de https://www.audioledcar.com/es/zesfor-kit-de-led-h7.html para interior: https://www.audioledcar.com/es/pack-de-leds-para-ford-focus-mki-1998-2004.html Respecto a marcha atrás, necesitamos saber el modelo de bombilla que monta de serie el vehículo. Un saludo.

  • Question about Volvo - V40:

    Necesito saber si tienen las luces leb homologada para un Volvo v 40. Son las luces cortas y largas

    Answer: Buenos días. Le comento que no disponemos led homologada.. lo sentimos Un saludo.

  • Question about Xara Picasso año 2004 - :

    Quisiera saber si tenéis luces led compatibles con el coche y modelo que pongo arriba

    Answer: Buenos días. Necesito que nos indique por favor el casquillo de bombilla. Un saludo.

  • Question about Ford - Mondeo Mk4 tdci 2.0 del 2010:

    Buenas. Tengo un Ford Mondeo mk4 2.0 Tdci del 2010. Tiene bombillas alogenas y quisiera ponerle de LED blancas las diamante pero imagino que debería de cambiar todas por led verdad? Hay que poner algún adaptador? Quisiera algunas que aumentase la visibilidad.

    Answer: Buenos días. Necesitaria que nos indique Javier por favor que tipo de casquillo de bombilla lleva de serie en el coche. Un saludo.

  • Question about BMW-E39 - 520D AÑO 2002:

    bombillas de led h7 con adaptador para el bmw e 39

    Answer: Buenos días. Le adjunto el enlace del producto que pueden valerle https://www.audioledcar.com/es/zesfor-kit-de-led-h7.html Un saludo.

  • Question about Rover - 75:

    Hola. ¿Quisiera saber si es posible efectuar reforma de importancia, de cara a homologación en ITV, a día de hoy, del cambio de bombillas halógenos por led? Gracias.

    Answer: Buenos días. Le comento que no disponemos de la venta de led homologado... lo sentimos Un saludo.

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