Kit xenon H4 6000k or 4300k - Type 4 DIGITAL-CANBUS

Kit Xenon H4 55w canbus which consists of a xenon bulb for dipped beam and a halogen bulb for light of long. If you prefer xenon in long and short kits are available bi-xenon.

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Kit Xenon h4 55w Canbus

Kit Xenon H4 55w canbus which consists of a xenon bulb for dipped beam and a halogen bulb for light of long. If you prefer xenon in long and short kits are available bi-xenon.

The best kit xenon h4 55w canbus no doubt. This kit xenon incorporates digital technology-canbus. Not da fault of light cast in any vehicle on the market, the time it takes to load the bulbs of xenon is only 1.5 seconds, the durability of the kit is infinite, and the brightness is 27% higher than that of the rest of the kit from xenon on the market.

What does it mean to technology kit xenon h4 55w canbus?
This kind of xenon is used by most car manufacturers. The quality is very good, its brightness is very high and the distribution of the light is conducted evenly across the beam of light. Can be installed on any vehicle is canbus or not (witness warning light-fused).

Contents of the kit xenon h4 55w canbus:
Composed by everything you need: two ballasts, two bulbs of xenon, box, wiring, manual and fixings. Power 55W. Warranty of 2 years.

Color of the light kit xenon h4 55w canbus:
Choose between 6000K white xenon, the most recommended), 4300k (yellowish white) and 8000k (blue). By default send 6000k.
Installation is simple, easy, and universal. Light of great brightness, great intensity, and great reliability. Improve your security, visibility, and aesthetics.

Of all the kit xenon AUDIOLEDCAR, What do I choose?
READ BEFORE ANYTHING: Canbus is a communication protocol of the car on everything bearing the new German cars such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda cars from year 2004. If you don't know if your car drives canbus please contact us.?

Kit xenon standard (Poor quality but very economic / Car without canbus).
We will choose this kit xenon only when our car did not take the canbus and our budget is very tight. The quality is inferior to the rest, as well as the duration and the amount of light. Possible vibrations in the light to the stand.

Kit xenon 35W SLIM (High quality / Recommended / Cars without canbus)
Fully recommended. We will choose this kit xenon if the price is within our budget and our car does NOT take the canbus (control warning light-fused). It has a one year warranty, gives a light, stable and powerful. Kit of great quality and reliability. Robust and elegant. The Best-Seller par excellence.

Kit xenon 55W SLIM (High quality, recommended for headlamp magnifying glass / Cars without canbus):
Recommended if our beacon takes a magnifying glass or a lighthouse ball. The magnifying glass or ball eats part of the light thus causing the power to adjust such losses so that he can see perfectly. Kit of great quality and reliability. Robust and elegant. We will choose this kit if your car meets the following two conditions: do Not take the canbus (control warning light-fused)? and take the headlights magnifying glass or ball.

Kit xenon DIGITAL CANBUS (kit xenon h4 55w canbus high quality / Cars with or without canbus):
Kit xenon with OEM quality. Unbeatable, it takes time to load less than a second. Light powerful and stylish. Warranty of 2 years. If you want a xenon exactly the same as the original, this is your kit. Ideal for lighthouse ball or magnifying glass for cars with canbus and without canbus (witness warning light-fused).

Kit xenon CANBUS Kit (required for cars with canbus / High quality)
We will choose this kit if our car drives CANBUS. High quality. One-year warranty. Reliability and elegance all in the same kit. This is essential if our car carries sensor bulb is burnt out.

Advantages of the use of the kit xenon h4 55w canbus
Bulbs Xenon need less power, lasting 5 times as long as a halogen bulb, (minimum 2500 hours).
Offers double the light, therefore, increases the visibility when we drive (more security).

Installation kit xenon h4 55w canbus (car, motorcycle, truck)
The glass part of the bulbs should never be touched with the fingers. Even so our kit xenon incorporate a guard to be able to operate with comfort.
1) Disconnect and remove the halogen bulbs.
2) we Place the bulb Xenon in place of halogen (must enter exactly in the hole).
3) Place the ballast in a safe position and hold them in a way that does not fall with the vibration of the car.
4) Connect the wires of the new bulb to the ballast.
5) Connect the pin of the lighthouse to the male plug that will bring us the cable that goes to the ballast.
Repeat the same steps for the other headlight.
Current regulations for the use of kit xenon:
The current legislation in Europe requires that in order for your vehicle may be equipped with lamps of xenon and can legally operate (pass the I. T. V.) must have headlights with automatic adjustment of range of light (self-leveling) and device self-cleaning of the headlights.
This is because the greater the intensity of the beam of light can dazzle drivers which we find ourselves of forehead.
So if your vehicle has no such elements and is not approved to do this, you will not be able to pass the I. T. V.
The Kit is easily installable and desinstalable being only necessary to disconnect the wiring of the ballast and change the bulb for the halogen standard to return to the original state and be able to pass the MOT.

kit xenon h4 55w canbus, if you have any questions please contact us.

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