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Kit white LED diamond d1s for car and moto of the brand ZesfOr. Without doubt one of the best conversion kit to LED market. Change your light bulbs crossing conventional for these led's to achieve a greater reach that will enhance our visibility and road safety.

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ZesfOr - Led-D1S and D3S White Diamond

Kit of two led light bulbs diamond white d1s ideal for van, truck, car or motorcycle. These bulbs replace the original car to improve the visibility on the road. Increase to 80% the visibility to improve the safety of us and of our.

Features kit technical LED light bulbs diamond white d3s ZesfOr

  • Power: 30 Watts
  • Model of bulb: compatible with d1s and d3s
  • Lumens: 2800 lm (a halogen light bulb has 1000-1500 lm)
  • Voltage: 8-32 V
  • Material: Aluminum. Seoul-sz8-19
  • Shelf life: up to 30,000 hours

To install the led light bulbs diamond white d3s we have to ensure two things:

1-That the original light bulb go subject with the typical wire that surrounds it. If not you will need an adapter, consult our list of adapters.

2-the car is not canbus, that is to say, not of a failure of the light melted. If you flunked light cast will have to purchase the canceladores also. Check out our catalog, we have them all.

Once we're clear that we can install led light bulbs diamond white d3s just have to remove halogen light bulbs in our vehicle, and insert the new led. To do this it is advisable to disconnect the car's ignition and turn off the lights. Before you put the led lights inside the lighthouse, we light the lights to check that they work properly (note: do not look at the light led from the front as we could to stop promptly).

Specialists in led lights diamond white d1s ZesfOr. Any doubt contact us.

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