Suspensions and springs Peugeot 505

Kit suspension Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit Peugeot 505

Suspension Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit Peugeot 505 composed of a kit of four Bilstein B8 plus four springs Eibach Pro-Kit. Using this kit will lower the height of the Peugeot 505 40 mm (up to 4 cm). The best combination without a doubt. Product highly recommended, top sales.

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Bilstein B12 Pro Kit Peugeot 505

Kit suspension Bilstein B12 Pro Kit Peugeot 505 offering a perfect combination between the optical effect (stope height between 2 and 4 cm), high resistance to loads and dynamic sport that presents on the road. A very appropriate choice if we want to improve our driving and shift to the sporty side.

Kit suspension Bilstein B12 valid for Peugeot 505 (1996-present). Once your order is placed we will ask for the technical sheet of the vehicle to install in your car the corresponding reference.

The kit suspension Bilstein B12 are formed by the shock absorber Bilstein B8 more the springs Eibach Pro-kit which allows us to reduce the height of our Peugeot 505 between 2 and 4 centimeters. A perfect combination without a doubt.

Among the advantages of the Bilstein B12 for Peugeot 505 we can find:

  • Sporty driving and safe.
  • Accuracy of response is excellent and immediate.
  • Recess height up to 40 mm (depends on the model of the car may vary a few millimeters).
  • Manufactured in Germany with state of the pressurized gas by Bilstein.
  • Certificate TUV for power tested in Spain.
  • Certificate EEC

Approval Bilstein B12 Peugeot 505

Suspensions Bilstein B12 for Peugeot 505 require approval to be able to pass the MOT. Once installed it will measure the new dimensions (height) of the vehicle to perform the project approval and be able to pass the MOT.

Steps to confirm your suspension Bilstein B12 for Peugeot 505 (can hire this service with us or an external company):

  • The certificate TUV (Bilstein provides us).
  • Certificate of mounting workshop (any workshop that mount the suspension can do it).
  • Project of the engineering certificate of the lab (this will take care of us, the price ranges between 140 and 180€).
  • MOT pass once we have all of the above.
  • The approximate time to get everything ready will be a week.

What are the differences between the Bilstein B12 Pro Kit and the Bilstein B12 Sportline for Peugeot 505?

The only difference is that the first mounted the springs to Eibach Pro-kit that allow us to lower the height up to 40mm, and the second mounted the Eibach springs Sportline which allows us to reduce the height up to 50 mm (this last is not compatible with all cars).

If you want to know more about the different models of suspensions Bilstein Peugeot 505 query in our Blog where we have several post summarizing all the features of each type and brand.

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