Kit Premium blades for car


Kit wiper Neovision®, manufactured by the house Snovit. Without a doubt some of the best brands to maintain our moon, clean and in good condition. We include a set of spare, that is to say, by the purchase of these wiper blades you get a kit of two brushes and more gomillas corresponding spare, it will last you twice!. Watch the video for more information how to install windshield wipers and how to change the gomillas when worn (after 2-4 years)

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Wiper blades Neovisión

Thanks to these windshield wipers do not lose visibility on the road in conditions of rain or snow. Ideal for winter or humid or rainy. Without a doubt, a success to buy this game wiper because we give you the spare parts of the gomillas, so that you can replace the out of 2-4 years and come back to clean up the moon of your car as the first day.

  • Brand: NeoVision®
  • Model: High Speed
  • Manufacturer: Commercial Joppa (Snovit®)

Technical characteristics of the wiper blades:

NEOVISION HIGH SPEED is the result of an international collaborative project, and research of more than four years of work. An innovative brush of the highest quality, created to fill the market niche between the wiper of the first brand with high prices and the wiper economic low-quality. The brushes NEOVISION HIGH SPEED have patent guarantee its differentiation with other manufacturers. NEOVISION HIGH SPEED is the second generation of brushless NEOVISION, developed on the basis of a concept of aerodynamics, which together with the high quality of materials to get a maximum effective cleaning without noise and vibration, even at the highest speeds.

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Kit Premium blades for car

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  • Question about Citroen - C3 2006:

    Las que recomienda la web para ese modelo Incluyen la luneta trasera. En caso contrario cual debería comprar a demás de las 2 delanteras. Gracias.

    Answer: Buenos días. Lo sentimos pero vendemos solo para la parte delantera. Un saludo.

  • Question about Mercedes Benz - Vito Marco Polo w638:

    Quiero kit limpiaparabrisas

    Answer: Buenos días. Debe elegir el modelo de vehículo en el desplegables que aparece en el producto, si no aparece, es que no disponemos de kit para ese modelo. Un saludo.