Kit Polished do it yourself at home

Complete Kit for polishing your car in your house without the need of being a professional. The kit includes all the necessary material except the buffer which you can purchase on this website or in any store. The cost of a grinding machine, normal should be 50-100€ and will be enough to achieve a professional finish.

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Kit Polish car - Do it yourself at home

The kit to Polish your car a simple and easy way.

The kit contains everything you need to Polish a whole car and get a professional finish. To achieve a perfect finish you will need 2-3 hours:

  • 1-abrasive Disc for polishing
  • 2-Disc abrasive pre-polishing
  • 3-polishing Paste AutoGloss Compud Plus
  • 4-Brightener AutoGloss High Gloss

Note: the polishing of the car is complete we will remove all those lines or scribbling which have not taken the paint. If there is a line which has come to touch the sheet metal of the car we will not be able to remove it with polishing, we will have to paint the piece.

Steps and instructions to Polish my car:

  • 1-The first thing you need to do is clean the car and leave it to dry.
  • 2-then apply the abrasive disc to Polish the surface. This process is quick.
  • 3-we will Spend the disc-abrasive pre-polishing across the entire surface. In this step takes 30 min.
  • 4-Apply the polishing paste on the whole surface. We will do a quick way and reaching all the areas that we want to Polish. 30 min.
  • 5-Apply the brightener. This is the final finish, so it is recommended to do this carefully. 1 hour.

Our vehicle will already be ready to shine in the sun :)

NOTE: If our car is not very damaged, that is to say, only has minor scratches (for example, of the rollers of a carwash), perform step 3 and 4 will be sufficient. We remind you that you can see video tutorial on Youtube on how to apply the Polish but is very simple, so that it is perpendicular to the surface and taking 3-4 drops for every square meter of paint will be enough to achieve a better finish.

Specialists in polishing cars, any doubt contact us.

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