Kit parking sensor original 4 sensors)

Kit parking sensors original to car. With sensors equal to the original ones of the house. The best of all without doubt. Original

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Kit original sensors of parking

Complete Kit of parking sensors on original car. With sensors equal to the original ones of the house. The best of all without doubt.

Includes everything needed for use and installation:

- Four original sensors of parking

- LED screen

- Switchboard

- Necessary wiring.

How do I install the parking sensors original? 1-2 hours.

The installation of this kit of original sensors of the parking is simple, does not require any technical knowledge in particular. The first thing to do is to check how it works the kit, parking sensors original. To do this, connect the sensors and the led display to the control unit. Once this is done connect the positive and the negative 12 volt (cigarette lighter, battery etc) and you will see that when you approach your hand to a sensor the ecu will beep and the LED display will light up. Now that you know how to connect everything, start with the installation.

The ideal is to connect the switchboard to the reverse light in such a way that the original sensors of the car park are triggered only at the time you enter reverse. The next step is to install the sensors in the bumper. The most comfortable way is to disassemble the bumper and use the drill bit that we give with the kit to put the parking sensors original.

Now we will have all ready to work perfectly. Just have to decide where we'll put the ecu (it is ideal to go hidden), and the LED display (it is ideal to install on the ceiling to the height of the rear seats to see when we step back and look through the rear view mirror)

As you can verify the installation of the original sensors of the parking is easy, just requires an hour or two to do it.

We remind you that we have a team of qualified technicians which will be able to give support by email, phone or chat.

Specialists in parking sensors original. Any doubt contact us.

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