Kit Painted Wheels Matte Red - WrapWorkers

  • Kit, Painted Rims red (Gloss or Matte) - WrapWorkers
  • Kit, Painted Rims red (Gloss or Matte) - WrapWorkers
Kit, Painted Rims red (Gloss or Matte) - WrapWorkers
  • Kit, Painted Rims red (Gloss or Matte) - WrapWorkers
  • Kit, Painted Rims red (Gloss or Matte) - WrapWorkers

Kit, painted rims red matte car or motorcycle. Paint the wheels yourself: the kit of spray tire red is made up of two sprays of red and a matte varnish. Ideal to customize, repair or paint the rims of your car or motorcycle. Do it yourself at home! Recommended product.


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Kit spray wheels matte red

Kit painted wheels matte red of high quality and finish. With a choice of a varnish for the final finish to matte. This product is ideal for repair, customize or paint our rims at home without the need of machines professional.

Kit contents of spray wheels red:

  • 1-Two spray red
  • 2-A varnish / protective lacquer-matte
  • The brand WrapWorkers is considered one of the best brands in what refers to paintings to cars. Your perfect smooth finish, its high resistance to wear and the quality of their components (solvents, pigments, etc.) make this brand a leader in the European market.


Manual painted wheels matte red:

Paint the tires of a car in red is easy with the sprays of the brand WrapWorkers is very simple, we just have to clean the wheels with soap and water to remove all impurities and then leave to dry.

Then there are two ways of doing it, we can dismount the tires or do it with the wheels placed. Is much quicker the second way. To do this taparemos the tire and brake putting trash bags inside or with masking tape and apply the first coat of spray wheels matte red. The first layer should be fast and without getting to cover the entire surface. Let dry 10 minutes at room temperature and then apply the rest of the layers until you cover the entire surface. This process will take us approximately 1 hour. Once dry, apply the matte varnish protector to prevent the paint to deteriorate with the passage of time.

Abstract manual painted wheels:

  • 1-Clean rims with mild soap and water. Leave the wheels to dry.
  • 2-Cover those areas not want to paint (brake, disk, wheel, etc).
  • 3-Apply the first layer of spray for rims red quickly and leave to dry.
  • 4-Apply the remaining layers until you cover the entire surface (time between coats, 10 min)
  • 5-Apply the varnish to protect the paint.

NOTE: The price is for painting wheels car or bike in a professional workshop will be about€ 50 per tire, that is to say, a total of 200€. The price for painting the wheels with this product will be a much more economical choice and the finish will be very similar to that of a professional job. In addition to the quality of the paint is of the best in the market to be brand WrapWorkers. All these advantages make these sprays for rims red one of the most sold and recommended.

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