Kit of camera rearview smart for Citroen Berlingo Multispace (2018 - present)


Kit parking camera + rearview mirror for your Citroen Berlingo Multispace (2018 - present). Ideal for preventing accidents. Easy installation, simply put the mirror on top of the old securing it with the pin and install the camera in the rear bumper. When you get back to the internal display of the mirror is activated and can see the image of the rear camera. Highly recommended.

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Kit parking rearview display and camera for Citroen Berlingo Multispace (2018 - present)

How do I install a rearview camera in my Citroen Berlingo Multispace (2018 - present): the installation is simple but long. We will need at least a couple of hours. First, we check that all the kit works correctly. For this reason, we will connect all the cables and give power to positive and negative to the kit. At this point, you will need to turn on the screen. If you don't it will be because we have connected wrong. Review instructions and try again. If you are complicating the issue, you can always send us an email with photos and I will solve it for you.

Once you have verified that everything works correctly, we can install it. First we will put the rearview screen above the old and still adjust it with the pin. Then pass the cable through the side of the moon front or above the ceiling. You have to pass all the cable to a point where we have positive current and negative low-key and the rest of the cable for the rear camera. Connect the rearview mirror to the positive and negative.

Descolgaremos the bumper to put the camera where best to stay, and then pass the cable of the camera to the reverse light and the rest up to the front to connect the rearview mirror. Connect then the positive to the reverse light in such a way that when you put the gear in reverse, the camera is turned on and illuminate the screen rearview mirror with the image.

The process is simple but long as you route the cables in a way that does not always see it takes time.

Installed in your car, this fantastic kit rearview mirror + camera for Citroen Berlingo Multispace (2018 - present). Never park it was so easy! Choose from all the models we have:

  1. Kit screen rearview camera + economic, the best-selling: the lower-resolution but not bad quality. It is without a doubt the most sold to all those who are just looking for a practical accessory and most comfortable way to park safely.
  2. Kit screen rearview camera + HD: same as above but with better resolution. If you're in doubt is because you want this without a doubt.
  3. Kit screen rearview camera + AHD: the best on the market! for all those car lovers who don't miss a detail overlooked.
  4. Kit portamatrículas with sensors and camera + rearview mirror: this is the ideal complement. It combines the reverse camera in the rearview mirror along with the typical parking sensors. All this is integrated in the portamatrículas. A good choice to be fully protected.
  5. Kit display car parking camera+: very used vans that have backsplashes and large prefer to have a separate screen from the rear view mirror.

Without a doubt, any decision will be successful as with all gain security: prevents abuse of power, blows to the park and rubbing unexpected.

Any doubt contact us.

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