Kit LED lights for Citroen DS4 (2010 - 2016)


Kit conversion to LED headlights for Citroen DS4 (2010 - 2016) that allows us to replace the conventional bulbs for the LED without the need of any installation cumbersome. Plug and play, remove and put on. Ideal for the lights of the headlights for short (crossing) to long (highway). It increases safety on the road!

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Thanks to this light kit to convert your headlight LED for Citroen DS4 (2010 - 2016) we may replace the old halogen bulbs yellow led. This has several advantages. On the one hand we increase the visibility by 50% and on the other hand we lessen the fatigue of the view in large tours thanks to its led light white.

We have available various models depending on the needs that we have:

  1. Kit led black series ZesfOr®: the more high-end. Without a doubt, a work of engineering embodied in bulbs. Thanks to its led chip ZesfOr® black edition has achieved a brightness of 3000 lumens. Pure white Color.
  2. Kit led white diamond ZesfOr®: the bestselling thank you for your relation quality-price. This kit led lights for Citroen DS4 (2010 - 2016) gives us a white diamond that differentiates it from the other models. Brightness of 2800 lumens.
  3. Kit led 360º: these bulbs have brought a revolution in the market. Ideal for when we have a lighthouse a little puñetero that we created shadows. These bulbs give more light 360 degrees so that we do not have more of these problems that sometimes arise with other types of leds. Color white.
  4. Kit led economic ZesfOr®: the most basic of its range. Ideal to install if you're not very convinced of this technology LED. A test of economic, reliable and long-lasting that it always gives a good result. Pure white Color.

How to install a kit for converting to LED headlights Citroen DS4 (2010 - 2016)?

The installation is not difficult, we just have to replace the conventional bulbs yellow for these LEDS. This is different for every car, some will simply be to open the hood and changing light bulbs, and in others there will be to take apart the lighthouse. If you don't have it very clear I advise you to take it to a workshop where you will in a moment.

What if there's to know are these two things:

  • Adapters bulbs: the majority of cars do not need any kind of adapter to put the kit of LED as the light bulb will subject with a wire that surrounds the light bulb and is therefore compatible with our system. In exchange for a few to carry an adapter to attach the bulb to the headlight. This is seen in the lighthouse itself, when removing the bulb. Take a look and if you need this adapter do not forget to buy it, we have many types on our website.
  • Canceladores can bus: if our car has a sensor bulb is burnt out can kit led error light is burnt out. This is because the car detects that it consumes the least and we jump the sneak on the box. In most cars, even though they have this system does not usually cause problems. However, if we install a conversion kit to led and gives us the failure, we can delete it by installing canceladores of failure for kit led. Visit the section LED lighting and choose the compatible with your car. Our advice is that when in doubt IF you install the canceladores as they never harm, only to improve.

Remember that we are specialists in conversion kit led for Citroen DS4 (2010 - 2016). Any doubt contact us.

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