Kit LED 360 degree H7


Kit led 360 degrees ideal for installation in head lamps that you've already tried a kit led and make shadows or reflections rare. Pure white Color. With this new technology kit led you will see that it spreads light in 360 degrees equally, avoiding shadows and reflections wrong the light in the lighthouse. Only available for bulb H7.

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Kit led 360 degrees car

The kit led 360 degrees car allows us to split the beam of light of a totally homogenous. It is ideal for those headlights in which we have already installed a kit of leds and it has not worked properly since that has given us shadows or reflections of the light not desired.

As we already know, the kits of led conventional typically have from one to four points of light. Those points of light are very powerful, but have a major drawback: the led light can not reflect well on the bottom of the headlight causing flashes or shadows in some headlights of cars. If this is your case, it is recommended to put this kit LED 360 degrees to avoid all of this. Their technology 360 enables you to spread the beam of light of a totally homogeneous as if a conventional light bulb they were but this being a led light to completely white.

Models available kit led 360 degrees:

  • Reference: For now we only have available the base H7. It is the best-selling model.
  • Color: pure white.

How have we gotten into a kit of led's to give a beam of light 360 degrees?

Audioledcar many years has been selling led lighting for cars so that our relationship with manufacturers is very close. Thanks to our good work and our team of engineers we have developed products to provide solutions to the problems that have been presented. This is a clear example of this.

A year ago we were immersed in this project thanks to a client in which we test all sorts of kit of led, and there was no way to take away some shadows that made him the beacon. The reflection of the light seems simple, but is a complex process, and each light does in a different way. Usually the majority of headlight support kit led conventional but for those who do not, we have developed the solution. After months of development we managed to create this wonder that has allowed us to give solution to this client and many more.

During the manufacturing process, we include a new feature: let it out as thin as possible and we succeeded! The kit led 360 is thinner than a conventional light bulb and more short of what we will do for any lighthouse. Just have to keep in mind that adapter light bulb to put in the case to take.

If our car is canbus, that is to say, it has sensor bulb is burnt out, in addition to we will need to put a few canceladores of failure.

Conclusion: the kit led 360 is a recommended product for those customers who seek a perfect reflection of the beam of light inside the headlight and do not want any kind of complication with this issue.

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