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Makes the lights on your car in a xenon thanks to this kit, HID xenon for Fiat Fullback. Easy to install and available in two colors: 6000k (pure white) and 4300k (warm white). Without a doubt, a wise decision if we want to improve the dipped headlights are also short calls.

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Lights Xenon Fiat Fullback

Thanks to this kit xenon Fiat Fullback we may replace the bulbs yellowish our car xenon lights. Without a doubt, a wise decision if what we want is to improve the visibility on the road or city.

Types of kit xenon available in Audioledcar:

  1. Kit xenon economic LAC®: this kit xenon lights less than the rest. Manufactured with technology DC. Ideal if our budget is low, or want to do a test. Product not recommended.
  2. Kit xenon 35W Slim ZesfOr®: kit xenon with AC technology that allows us to change the lights of the car gaining on aesthetics and visibility. Recommended product by its price-quality relationship.
  3. Kit xenon 35W Can bus ZesfOr®: kit xenon with AC technology, which also prevents the failure of light cast. Ideal for those cars that are for can bus.
  4. Kit xenon 55W ZesfOr®: kit xenon digital technology BC it has more power. Ideal for headlights that have a magnifying glass or ball.
  5. Kit xenon 55W Can-bus ZesOr®: kit xenon with digital technology, and 55 Watts. The best in the market. Indicated for those with a passion for cars that want what's best for yours.

As you can see we have a wide range of kit xenon. The first thing you need to know to choose a light kit xenon Fiat Fullback is yes is can bus. We know this by doing a check is simple: we remove the connector from the bulb of the low beam. If we jump error of blown bulb in the box of the car then, is that the vehicle is can bus.

Now we will choose the bulb base:

  • H7
  • H1, 6000k
  • H4, xenon in short normal long
  • H4, Bi-Xenon headlights: xenon in short and long +20€
  • H11, H8 or H9
  • HB4/9006
  • HB3/9005
  • H3
  • 9012/HIR2

And the color:

  • 6000k: white xenon, the most sold.
  • 4300k: warm white.

Installation kit lights xenon Fiat Fullback:

To make an installation kit HID xenon Fiat Fullback'll only have to remove a light bulb and put the xenon. The entire kit carries its own set of connectors, so that you will have no problems. The only thing to keep in mind is if our yellow bulb will be subject to the lighthouse with a wire around it, or with a special adapter. In the case of a special adapter, you can view our catalogue, we have more than 10 models available.

Specialists in kit lights conversion xenon, any doubt contact us.

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