Kit bags for Alfa Romeo 159 Limousine I (2005-2011)


Kit bags tailored for Alfa Romeo 159 Limousine I (2005-2011). Without a doubt, is ideal for travel in familiar and take full advantage of the trunk of our car. A must-have product for our trips.


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VIDEO Kit bags for Alfa Romeo 159 Limousine I (2005-2011) Look at the operation of the custom travel suitcases for the car. A highly recommended product for traveling with family or friends.
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Kit bags tailored for Alfa Romeo 159 Limousine I (2005-2011)

Thanks to this kit fitted luggage for Alfa Romeo 159 Limousine I (2005-2011) you'll be able to take advantage of all the space of your car and upload it quickly and easily. An excellent choice if what you want is to travel in family or with friends. In addition to the bags of Alfa Romeo 159 Limousine I (2005-2011) may also be used for air travel and are waterproof. Manufactured in polyamide (1680D) with a special layer of polyurethane. Definitely a recommended product.

  • Number of bags included in the kit: 4
  • References of the bags: AW85GT (101L), AW85GT (101L), SP40ZW (51L), SP40ZW (51L),
  • Additional information: -
  • Compatible models: Alfa Romeo 159, Limousine 2005-2011

If you are traveling by car, the suitcases Alfa Romeo 159 Limousine I (2005-2011) you offer a solution that is exceptionally practical, that will allow you to avoid many problems. We have focused on harnessing perfectly the space available in the trunk of your car, so that you can load up to 30% more luggage, compared with bags or luggage traditional.

Our bags for car Alfa Romeo 159 Limousine I (2005-2011) fit perfectly to the surface of the trunk so that you'll get the maximum. Ideal for families that are growing slowly and need to adjust more space. In addition, these travel bags are permitted on airplanes so they will have a double use.

Travel bags for Alfa Romeo 159 Limousine I (2005-2011) have an asymmetrical shape.

Thanks to this asymmetry, our bags for car, fit perfectly to the back, increasing the space available and improving safety. These travel bags are placed and removed easily from the trunk, a fact that increases the comfort of the journey from its beginning.

Tote bags: these are designed to improve the comfort in the trip.

They are characterized by an additional compartment, separated from the main part of the bag. This compartment is ideal to store things that we want to have on hand, always available (e.g.: a bag, shoes) or things that we wish to separate from other baggage, e.g.: a towel, sportswear, etc., The bags traditional sports are already a thing of the past. Forget about them. It is time to replace them with bags from car to measure.

Hand pockets for plane: ideal for travel in car or plane.

We stock a wide range of sizes so you can choose the model best adapted to the airplane, or trunk of the car. Use our search engine and find your car.

The bags are very light, made of a high-quality fabric. The bags are foldable and occupy little space. In addition, they have a pocket rigid for the laptop, and fixtures for shipping

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