Kit 4 Cameras de surveillance Wifi + Screen 7" (360 view) - Car, Truck, and Van

Kit four camera surveillance or parking with night vision that connects via Wifi (no cables) to a 7-inch screen. Ideal for cars, vans or trucks that need to monitor their merchandise constantly to prevent theft, etc Includes USB input and two video inputs additional to play any multimedia file.

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Kit four surveillance cameras and more screen for Cars, Trucks and Vans - 360 View

Surveillance Kit complete parking or high quality. System 360 view, that is to say, we will be able to monitor all points of the vehicle from the display itself. Includes everything necessary for use and operation: four cameras Wifi with night vision and high-quality screen with USB input and two video inputs additional.

Ideal for use in trucks and vans which have to bring the camera long hours encedidas. Easy installation, simply connect the display to a positive and negative and the camera equal. We can use this kit as a monitoring system or as a parking system.

These kits parking or surveillance are used a lot in trucks and vans to avoid theft. The camera will be permanently attached and see the image on the screen installed in our car's dashboard. Prevent theft of merchandise is their main task.

NOTE: there are kits of parking or surveillance are the most economical in our online store, but these kits are only intended for parking, that is to say, does not endure to be permanently turned on.

How do I set my system to four cameras for cars?

The installation of a system of surveillance cameras or parking for cars, trucks, and vans is very simple. On the one hand we will place the screen on our dashboard by connecting it to a positive and negative. On the other hand, connect the camera to wifi in the place that we want and connect to the positive and negative.

Any doubt contact us. Specialists in surveillance cameras for vehicles.

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