Kit 10 sprays Cleaning autodescargable for the car

Kit 10 sprays Cleaning autodescargable for your car with 70% alcohol and gas dimethyl ether production. Performs sanitation of the interior of your vehicle yourself. Easy, simple and very useful in these times. Spray, single-use, with essence of orange blossom. 250 ml.

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Kit 10 sprays Cleaning car

Kit 10 sprays cleaning car with 70% alcohol, gas dimethyl ether production and essence of orange Blossom. Very easy to use and very practical for these times.

Ideal for a sanitization of your vehicle complete without the need of machines of ozone or expensive processes. Do it yourself at home.

How to use the Kit 10 sprays cleaning car with 70% alcohol?

Step 1: start the engine, turn the air conditioning to maximum power output and the mode re-circulation. Make sure that all the air conditioner vents are open.

Step 2: place the spray in the rear with the front seats thrown forward. The goal is that the spray does not touch any surface directly, so you might have to tilt also the seats forward.

Step 3: press the button of the spray can and put it in the ground back looking at the ceiling.

Step 4: Close the doors and windows. Wait 15 min.

Step 5: Open windows and doors and wait 10 minutes. Check if there is any brand of spray (where you just have set it), and if so clean it out immediately.

Composition of the spray-cleaning car

As we all know a spray is composed by a gas and a liquid.

  1. The liquid consists roughly of 70% alcohol, essence of orange blossom and water.
  2. The gas is dimethyl ether production. The great difference of this gas with the rest resides in the fact that this gas is much more stable and most important, it is manufactured on the basis of alcohol. This is the great difference of this product from the rest.

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