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Housings and cases for key AUDI. Duplicate and copy key Audi

Store specializing in key Audi where you will be able to find a replacement, a copy of the key from Audi or a cover to protect it. In addition we sell other accessories such as sprats, chips, transponders, housings, decorative or silicone liners.

We have a wide range of keys audi for your car. Choose the one that best suits your car and makes a duplicate key Audi. To do this we will need to know several parameters that we will explain below, but first let's explain how it works a car key

How does a key to a Audi car?

Unlike a normal key, the keys of the cars are electronic and have several details that need to be taken into account. The key of an Audi is the set of three pieces indispensable: sprat, electronic (control) and chip transponder.

Sprat works exactly like the key of a house, that is to say, we'll be recording in a locksmith (some modern cars operate without a sprat directly). On the other hand we have an electronic key Audi. This is responsible for opening the car, what we call remote control and is the one that needs stack. This typically can be programmed by following a sequence of steps that you will find in the manual of the car. To finish we have a chip transponder. It is a special chip that is used in the keys to the car and program it to the car to start. Works without battery as it goes by electromagnetic waves. If this chip transponder Audi is not scheduled, we will not start the car.

Once bought a copy of key Audi, what should I do?

The steps are simple, you have to catch all keys that have the car, go to any shop specializing in keys of car (there are already quite a few, do a Google search and sure there are a few in your city) and they will program the chip transponder, the electronics, and you will record the sprat of your key for Audi.

So don't you ever break your key, we recommend to put a cover for key Audi. These protect the keys to the car from bumps and water splashes.

Specialists in copies and duplicates of keys Audi

You have doubts? Here we explain in more detail You have doubts?

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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about Audi - A6:

    Necesito copiar una llave, sin espadín, de Audi A6,Año 2015, y necesito saber el coste del trabas realizar

    Answer: Buenos días. Audioledcar no se encarga de la realizacion de copias de llaves Un saludo.

  • Question about Audi - A4 Allroad :

    Tienen la “llave monedero” con chip y logo Audi?

    Answer: Buenos días. No disponemos de ese producto, disculpe Un saludo.

  • Question about Audi - A3:

    Procuro chave para audi a3

    Answer: Bom dia, digo-lhe que pode ver a disponibilidade da chave no seguinte link Uma saudação cordial.

  • Question about Audi - A3:

    Buenas tardes, me gustaría saber cuánto vale una copia con mando de Audi A3 del año 2008. Muchas gracias.

    Answer: Buenos días. Audioledcar no realiza copias de llaves, disculpe Un saludo.

  • Question about AUDI - A4 AVANT:

    Precio copia llave (aún tengo la 2º llave)

    Answer: Buenos días. Audioledcar no realiza copias de llaves, lo siento Un saludo.

  • Question about AUDI - A2:

    Bonjour, j'aimerais faire un double de clé pour mon audi a2, pouvez-vous m'indiquer les tarifs avec télécommande et sans télécommande svp ? Merci

    Answer: Bonjour, je tiens à vous dire que nous ne fabriquons pas de clés en double, désolé Cordialement.

  • Question about audi - a6 año 2010:

    teneis este modelo de carcasa de llave

    Answer: Buenos días. No disponemos de ese producto lo siento Un saludo.

  • Question about Audi q2 - 2018 - :

    Hola. Necesito una copia del mando de mi coche. Cuanto me puede costar?

    Answer: Buenos días. Le comento que no disponemos del servicio de copias de llaves. Un saludo.

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