Head torch Led Lenser MH4, 200 Lumens


Head torch LED Lenser MH4 lightness pure. Rechargeable or normal stack, 200 lumens and 120 meters away for 5 hours. The lighter one. Recommended product.


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Head torch MH4 LedLenser®

Head torch Led Lenser® MH4 small and lightweight. It is one of the heads best sellers for sports and outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, climbing, outdoor, etc With this head Torch we will be able to illuminate up to 120 meters with 200 lumens of power. Includes red led on the back that you see at night. Product highly recommended.

  • Kit led head Torch MH4 contains:
  • Head torch Led Lenser MH4. You can use it with AA battery or put the battery rechargeable AA battery.
  • USB Cable

Optional: filter the colors, charger USB outlet or by car, and subject to a helmet (look in the section of accessories for led Flashlight to see prices and photos).

  • Important features of the Flashlight head MH4:
  • Weight: 93 g
  • Light output: 200 lm
  • Distance – Range: 120 m
  • Hours of operation: 5 h
  • Allows you to focus the beam of light
  • Measures: 2.9 cm, width of the head
  • Rechargeable: you can use AA batteries or AA rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable battery NOT INCLUDED.
  • Brand: Led Lenser®
  • Warranty: 5 years

It has three modes of operation: high and that gives us 200 lm for 5 hours, which gives us 100 lm for 10 hours and under that provides us with 10 lm for 120 hours.

The Flashlight head MH4 Led Lenser® shows the battery level and is resistant to dust and splashes of water.

The cabezaes Led Lenser® are manufactured under the strictest standards of German quality. They are a leader in led Flashlight, quality, durability and finish. Come with a warranty of 5 years on the part of the manufacturer gives us a sense of security and peace of mind.

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Head torch Led Lenser MH4, 200 Lumens