GPS locator people economic - Type 6

LGPS People locator: portable, suitable for animals, vehicles, mountaineers, cyclists...
It incorporates a long battery life (2600mA, 2-3 days). You also have the option to buy a battery 5300mA for €40 extra rather than hard up to one week. 

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GPS locator people economic notebook suitable for animals, vehicles, hikers, bikers...
Incorporates a long-life battery (2600mA, 2-3 days). The accuracy is about 100 meters.

Includes magnets in the back cover to be able to anchor the GPS quickly to any metal surface.


-Without membership fees: 1 year free and renewable to 10 years or more for 25€.

-Install it yourself: easy and simple.

-Maximum precision-the App and portal free internet.

How does the gps locator people economic?
We introduce a SIM card into the GPS, we send a text message to this card and will answer us with the coordinates using google maps we can see in real time (Note: previously you must configure the device to give that lines to mobile can detect the location of the GPS). Also we can access through the App for Ios and Android and see all the movements.

The detection distance is 100-200 meters. It is less accurate than the GPS fixed installation, as it incorporates a system that allows you to increase the hours of operation of the GPS in exchange of losing some precision. The accuracy depends on a lot of the coverage that has the SIM card inserted.

The built-in battery is of 2600 mA, which takes about 2-3 days (when the battery level is low the device we alert you via a text message).

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