Floor mats, rubber Skoda Superb III (2015-)


Kit floor mats Rubber Skoda Superb III (2015-) high quality and manufactured with the measures and specific forms for your Skoda Superb III (2015-). Include technology Free This software to avoid any kind of rubber smell inside the car.


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Mats Skoda Superb III (2015-) rubber

Kit floor mats for Skoda Superb III (2015-) rubber. Manufactured with technology FreeSmell that prevents the rubber smell inside the car. Rubber high-quality and thickness to flange to avoid the dirt from sliding to the carpet of the car.

All rugs are made to measure. The pictures are generic in that you can appreciate the quality of the mat. You will receive in your home a few mats of rubber with measures and shape exactly like that of your Skoda Superb III (2015-) and with the quality of the photos.

Rubber mats for Skoda Superb III (2015-) black in color, thick and flexible hold easily the dirt, mud and water preventing be transferred to the upholstery of the car. Ideal for use in adverse conditions. Its design allows to collect the water, mud, sand and dirt, avoiding that it soaks through to the upholstery of the vehicle. Manufactured under the strictest standards of quality: high thickness and good quality of rubber. Do not bend, they are waterproof, do not wrinkle and do not crack. Average length of item: 15 years. From this date, the rubber will lose properties and it is advisable to change them.

Features of the mats for Skoda Superb III (2015-) rubber - ZesfOr®:

  • Average weight: 4.3 kg
  • Non-slip.
  • Technology Smell Free: do not detach rubber smell.
  • Thickness of flange: 10 mm
  • Thickness inner: 5 mm
  • Exclusive product for sale in our facility.

The goal of the mats of rubber Skoda Superb III (2015-) is to offer the best possible protection for the floor of your vehicle and avoid this mess.

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