Mats as Volkswagen Arteon

Floor Mats Volkswagen Arteon

Floor Mats Volkswagen Arteon

We offer a wide range of mats Volkswagen Arteon custom made from velour or rubber of high quality. All of our mats Volkswagen Arteon are finished with touches of embroidery and density from 2000 to 3000 g/m2 for easy cleaning and a high resistance.

Choose your model of mouse mats Volkswagen Arteon that best suits your needs and receive it in less than 24 hours. We have all types in stock

Why rely on us? Our floor mats, Volkswagen Arteon are designed and manufactured in Europe for the entire production process is controlled and meets all the current regulations. In addition, our mission is to manufacture products of high quality and with the best performance. Thousands of satisfied clients to this day attest to this reality.

Types of mats Volkswagen Arteon that you can find in our online shop, and their differences:

Floor mats Volkswagen Arteon economic

It is characterized by a mats are cheap and have quite a high quality original (measures and anchors equal). You can find one with logo sline or without the. The edging of these mats Volkswagen Arteon this embroidered fabric with red thread which gives it a touch of elegance. If you choose the range with logo SLINE, this will come embroidered. Many manufacturers put a stamp that with the time off but to be embroidered you will never have that problem.

Floor Mats Volkswagen Arteon Premium

It is characterized by a few mats equal to the original. Have a density of up to 3000 g / m2 and an average of 8-10cm thickness. They are very tough and do not break. Incorporate anchors original. The edging shall be of fabric and embroidery of red color equal to the mats Volkswagen Arteon that takes the model sline. We recommend its use if you are a driver is very demanding since you won't be disappointed.

Floor Mats Volkswagen Arteon Premium

Kit, floor mats, Volkswagen Arteon as the previous model but with finish s line. One can only say an expression of these pads car: Impressive. Finish completely perfect, with borders embroidered in blue, and high strength. Ideal for drivers demanding that they do not conform with any type of mats Volkswagen Arteon generic.

Floor mats Volkswagen Arteon RUBBER

As they could not miss the legendary mats Volkswagen Arteon rubber. These mats are made with the system Free-This software that prevents any kind of rubber smell and gives it a slight smell of vanilla. Ideal if you are going to get dirty continuously the car with dirt, mud, snow...Easy to clean and very resistant.

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