Flashing LED Seat Cordoba (1993-2008) - Black Edition


LED indicators for Seat Cordoba (1993-2008) to replace the original by those of dark color and with a dynamic function. Greatly improves the visibility of the flashing and the aesthetic. The led is a dynamic and strong intensity. To replace simply remove the old one and connect this. Plug&play


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VIDEO Flashing LED Seat Cordoba (1993-2008) - Black Edition We teach you how to install LED indicators in a Seat Ibiza. Very easy, fast and without complications.
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ZesfOr® LED blink for Seat Cordoba (1993-2008)

Kit flashing led dynamic and obscured for Seat Cordoba (1993-2008) to replace the series of yellow light by these led light amber and with dynamic function. Original plugs and same way, just remove the old and put in the new one. As simple as that. The price includes kit 2 flashing (the left and right side). Durability infinite and without error blown bulb canbus. Brand ZesfOr®

We have more than 100 kinds of flashing of led dynamic obscured specific for each car, if you do not find yours contact us.

How do I install the kit of intermittent dynamic LED for Seat Cordoba (1993-2008)?

The installation depends on the vehicle but, in general, is simple because it does not require technical knowledge. Simply will be to extract the intermittent old, remove the connector and then put the new flashing led. It is usually not necessary to disassemble any part of the vehicle but if you have any questions ask us or go to a workshop.

Why encourage or condone the use of the kit flashing LED dynamic for Seat Cordoba (1993-2008)?
There are two main reasons for the use of these panels:

  • 1-The kit of intermittent dynamic LED for Seat Cordoba (1993-2008) emits more light than a normal light bulb, so that you increase in visibility and therefore safety in driving.
  • 2-Aesthetically it changes a lot of the vehicle approaching the new generations of cars that already carry all the LED's in dynamic mode.

Kit features LED indicators dynamic Seat Cordoba (1993-2008):
- Lumens: 200-300 lm.
- Voltage: 10-16V.
- Color: Amber.
- Original connection.
- Compatible with the model: Seat Cordoba (1993-2008)
- Brand: ZesfOr®
- CanBus: Yes (will Not produce a failure of the light cast).
- Intermittent heat-sealed and waterproof.
- Durability of the LED: +40,000 hours.
- Angle approach LED dynamic: 180º

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