Accessories BMW Z4 E89 (2009 - 2018)

Accessories BMW Z4 E89 (2009 - 2018)

Spare parts, spare parts and accessories BMW Z4 E89 (2009 - 2018)

The BMW Z4 E85 is a car-type sport that is framed within the luxury sector, and is made by the German manufacturer BMW. The BMW Z4 is the car called to succeed the BMW Z3.

History of the BMW Z4 E89 (2009 - 2018)

This BMW Z4 E85 is a vehicle that is presented in the fall of 2002 and whose production started in 2003 and was on the market until 2009, being the first generation of the BMW Z4 was launched to the market.

Design of the BMW Z4 E89 (2009 - 2018)

This is a car that is performed under the direction of design Chris Bangle. This car has an interior that highlights the sports seats made of aluminium in carbon, as well as a leather steering wheel and finishes very well maintained throughout the vehicle in question.

In this series Z4 bodywork BMW E85 corresponds with the model a Roadster, while the coupe received the naming E86. In terms of the dimensions that had this car were 4091/1781/1299/2495 mm.

If you compare it with the model that precedes it, the Z3, it is a model of vehicle that is bigger and also has a more rigid chassis. For the front suspension employs the option of a Macpherson strut, while the rear employs a design multi-link, instead of the design semi-trailer that had the version of Z3.

The BMW Z4 was characterized by using lighter materials than the version that was happening. It had an aluminum hood, as well as a ceiling frame made of magnesium. Presented tyre puncture, so that eliminated the need for spare tire.

The engine of the BMW Z4 E89 (2009 - 2018)

This car had a configuration that is formed by a central engine in front of you in longitudinal position and present rear-wheel drive.

This Z4 Roadster was launched with the six-cylinder models 2.5 i and 3.0 i. It was available in the version with a manual transmission with five speeds, six, as well as a choice of five-speed automatic transmission and an automated manual transmission six.

With respect to the engines that could find this car we can find the following versions.

  • 2.0 i 4-cylinder engine (150hp at 6,200 rpm)
  • 2.5 i 6-cylinder (177hp at 5800 rpm)
  • 2.5 6 cylinder (218hp at 6500 rpm)
  • 3.0 i 6-cylinder (265hp at 6,600 rpm)
  • 3.2 i 6-cylinder (343hp at 7,900 rpm)

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