Accessories BMW X1 F48 (2015 - present)

Accessories BMW X1 F48 (2015 - present)

Spare parts, spare parts and accessories BMW X1 F48 (2015 - present)

The BMW X1 is a car luxury suv that is within the segment C. In the case of this BMW X1 F48 this is the second generation of suvs of the signature BMW and is on sale since 2015.

History of the BMW X1 F48 (2015 - present)

The BMW X1 F48 is the second generation of this suv from BMW and was officially presented at the Frankfurt motor show 2015, beginning to be marketed in the same year and found still on sale today.

Design of the BMW X1 F48 (2015 - present)

It is a car designed for five-seater, five-door, as well as a gearbox six-speed transmissions. Has in models such as the Audi Q3, the Mercedes-Benz a-Class GLA, Jaguar E-Pace or Volkswagen Tiguan to its main competitors.

This BMW X1 F8 is characterized by having a large number of options relating to additional equipment and accessories BMW X1 F8. Precisely the possibility of adding extras to the vehicle are all of these.

  • Bi-xenon headlamps
  • Wizard high lights
  • Rain Sensor
  • Roof rack
  • Vain slides
  • Tow up to 2000 lbs with head removable
  • Sports seats and/ or heated
  • Climate control
  • Interior lights
  • Panoramic roof
  • USB port
  • HiFi System Professional Logic Pro 7
  • Browser Business
  • Browser Professional edition with remote iDrive
  • System Park Distance Control
  • Reversing camera

The engine of BMW X1 F48 (2015 - present)

With respect to the motorization of this second-generation BMW X1, and receives for nomenclature BMW X1 F48, here suvs from BMW abandon the propulsion to bet on the system front-wheel drive.

You can find both vehicles that are equipped with gasoline engines and engines that operate on diesel, and these are the main options available.

Gasoline engine this BMW X1 F48

  • 18i. With a capability of reaching up to 202 Km/h
  • 20i. Getting a maximum speed 215-220 Km/h
  • 25i. Achieving the 230 Km/h

Diesel engines are BMW X1 F48

The engines available on this BMW X1 F48 in diesel is characterized by a consumption very low thanks to that employ technology Efficient Dynamics that are based on the system of traction in the rear. These are the possibilities to choose from:

  • 16d. Allows you to reach up to 190 Km/h
  • 18d. Making 195-200 Km/h
  • 20d. Getting a maximum speed 215-220 Km/h
  • 25d. And may reach 230 Km/h

If you are looking for accessories for your BMW X1 F48 (2015 - present) in our page you'll find everything you need., your store of spare parts and accessories for BMW X1 F48 (2015 - present) in Madrid.

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