Accessories BMW 7-Series F01 and F02 (2009-2015)

Accessories BMW 7-Series F01 and F02 (2009-2015)

Spare parts, spare parts and accessories BMW 7 Series F01 and F02 (2009-2015)

The BMW 7-Series F01 and F02 is a type of car high-end, considered a luxury, which is part of the segment F of vehicles. This BMW 7 Series F01 and F02 is the vehicle of the 7-series that began in 2009 and was on sale until 2015.

History of the BMW 7-Series F01 and F02 (2009-2015)

This vehicle started to occur in 2009, replacing the previous models: the BMW E65 (and BMW E66). Both the model F01 as the F02 are vehicles that share platform. In the case of the F02 is the nomenclature which receives the long version of the 7 Series and features more 14 cm distance between the front and rear axles.

The 7 series has been launched throughout its history no less than six series on the market, all of them quite successfully, and making their cars as a synonym for the best luxury possible within the automotive sector.

Design of the BMW 7-Series F01 and F02 (2009-2015)

The F01 continues with a design, and line-related trends that have already had their predecessors. The front is inspired by the model of BMW CS Concept, but what is certain is that it is somewhat more sober. This is a car designed by Karim Habib.

One of the big data unknown to many is that this car shares a platform with another car of the BMW group:; the Rolls-Royce RR4 that is marketed by more than 250,000 euros.

It is a sedan, four-door that presents some dimensions i 5072 Li 5212/ i Li1902 / i 1479 Li 1478/ i 3070 Li 3210 mm

Engines of the BMW 7-Series F01 and F02 (2009-2015)

The engines of these vehicles feature the traditional setup of front-engine longitudinal, rear-wheel drive

However, both the BMW 7-Series F01 as the F02 are on sale both with motor gasoline and diesel. If we focus on the engines that run on gasoline, we can observe the following.

  • 740i. Had an engine L6 24v, direct-injection, twin turbo, intercooler
  • 750i. It had a engine type V8 32v, direct-injection, twin turbo, intercooler
  • 760i. Had a engine type V12 48v, direct-injection, twin turbo, intercooler

With respect to the movement of this diesel vehicle we look at these:

  • 730d. I had a motor 24v, direct-injection, common-rail, turbo, intercooler
  • 740d. With 24 v motor, direct-injection, common-rail, turbo, intercooler
  • 750d. Had a motor 24v, direct-injection, common-rail, turbo, intercooler

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