Accessories BMW 5-Series Hybrid (2018 - present)

Accessories BMW 5-Series Hybrid (2018 - present)

Spare parts, spare parts and accessories BMW 5-Series Hybrid (2018 - present)

The BMW 5-Series hybrid is a car that belongs to the seventh generation of the BMW 5 series. Is on sale as of 2018 and is one of the most outstanding models in its segment.

History of the BMW 5-Series Hybrid (2018 - present)

This BMW 5-series hybrid is born, with the aim of responding to the needs of the market car models that consume less and make efficient use of energy and fuel.

The German firm has a total of seven generations of vehicles of its 5-series, being a benchmark. The first generation of the BMW emerged in 1972, and since that time it is a range of cars that has established itself as a leader in your sector.

Design of the BMW 5-Series Hybrid (2018 - present)

The BMW 5-Series hybrid is characterized by its sporty look. This is a vehicle that performs the automatic management of your operation on the two engines that presents. In this way, the driver will be able to establish if the car runs, by default, in electric-only mode or in hybrid mode.

Another of the possibilities presented in this vehicle is the option to select the Sport mode, presenting in that mode for a more dynamic performance.

The engine of the BMW 5-Series Hybrid (2018 - present)

This BMW 5-Series hybrid features a battery just below the back seat. To recharge will have to connect the drive to a power supply outside of up to 3.7 kW, charging in something less than four hours.

The BMW 5-Series hybrid can count with direction in the four-wheel drive, a functionality that is known as active Steering, and it's something that the previous generation was not.

This is a vehicle that features rear-wheel drive and that can be found in two body types: sedan or family. In the case of the model 5-Series hybrid 530e is available in the version with rear-wheel drive.

The BMW hybrid 5-what it does is precisely to combine the gasoline engine and one electric. In the case of the versions 520e and the 530e equipped with a gasoline engine of four cylinders.

For its part, the model 545e presents six in-line cylinders and the electric motor which can be seen on this range of cars always features a power output of 109 HP.

All the available powers of this BMW 5-Series hybrid with the same battery of 11.2 kWh, offering a car able to move up to 140 km/h without having to use the combustion engine.

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