Accessories BMW 5-Series G30 sedan (2017 - present)

Accessories BMW 5-Series G30 sedan (2017 - present)

Spare parts, spare parts and accessories BMW 5-Series G30 limousine (2017 - present)

The BMW 5-Series G30 responds to a model of car-type vehicle that is already the seventh generation of the BMW 5 series. Marketed since 2017 and is currently for sale.

History of the BMW 5-Series G30 limousine (2017 - present)

The BMW 5-Series G30 broke into the market in 2017 to replace the BMW F10. This is a vehicle that is clearly inspired by the new generation of the BMW 7-Series and, more specifically, in the BMW G11.

For those who are unaware of the BMW 5 series is the most successful of the German firm. Account in the market with seven generations of vehicles behind their backs, since the launch in the early 70's. All vehicles under the 5-series has launched BMW correspond to high-end cars that combined with a great design and the best progress.

Design of the BMW 5-Series G30 limousine (2017 - present)

The BMW 5-Series G30 is a car type sedan or saloon car that has four doors and is part of the segment And vehicles. With a length of 4936-4966 mm, a width of 1868-1903 mm and a height that ranges between 1467-1479 mm. Presents a distance between axes of 2975-2982 mm and the weight that ranges between 1605-1940 kilos.

This car is characterized by having a large package of accessories, both at the level of design and aesthetics as the related technology

The engine of the BMW 5-Series G30 limousine (2017 - present)

This BMW 5 Series g30 seventh-generation presents a configuration based on a front engine and a choice between rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

Stands out for its engines to modular as a novelty which may be 4-and 6-cylinder and, as could not be otherwise, are options that work on the basis of petrol and other diesel, in addition to presenting technological innovations notable that make for a driving experience more safe, efficient, and without compromise on power.

The more powerful engines that can be found in this BMW 5 Series G30 offer a maximum power of 250 Km/h and the maximum speed is electronically limited.

So between the engines to gasoline that are in the market of this BMW 5-Series g30, we find the following:

  • 520i
  • 530i
  • 530e
  • 540i
  • M550i
  • M5
  • M5 Competition

With respect to the options diesel highlights:

  • 520d Efficient Dynamics
  • 520d
  • 525d
  • 530d
  • 540d
  • M550d

In case you are looking for accessories for your BMW 5 Series G30 limousine (2017 - present) in our page you'll find everything you need., your store of spare parts and accessories for BMW 5 Series G30 limousine (2017 - present) in Madrid.

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